SPOILERS:  I will be talking about the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  If you haven’t read any of the books before Changes (Book 12), then you should not continue.

The summer is basically over, and I have not posted anything about books.  WHAT IS GOING ON?


That does not mean I haven’t been reading.  I just finished book 11 of the Dresden Files.

And I have some beef with Butcher.  What I want to know is what world does Dresden even live in?!

Each book has a good pace so that you get sucked right in and you can’t put the book down until 1000 chapters later.  I love how the characters interact with teasing sarcasm.. mostly because I do that all the time.  I also think Dresden can be funny… although that is rare.  But one thing has become very clear…


Dresden lives in a world where EVARY woman is attractive.  And I mean EVARY woman.  From the women of the Fae world to the women of the mortal world to his effing 17 year old apprentice.  Dresden describes the women, and parts of the women, as hott or super attractive or some other synonymous phrase.


Unless, of course, you are about to die.  Then you are allowed to be ugly.

What I mean is… the only female character actually described as ugly, thus far, is killed off.  I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER HER NAME.  But she was one of the important minor characters in Summer’s Knight.  She was part ghoul or gremlin or something.  I want to call her Gertrude or Meryl.. but that’s probably wrong.

Every other woman is not ugly.  They are either homely or fuck-able.  Neither of which are ugly.  Now don’t me wrong.  I love to look at attractive women, and reading about them isn’t any different.  I talk ALL day about how my celebrity crushes are going to walk into me one day and fall in love 😉



But as a woman myself, I know that the world that Dresden lives in isn’t realistic…. No shit.  There’s magic.

But ignoring the fantastical elements, the relationships between living beings is one of the few things that people can make a complete connection with when it comes to any type of fiction.  The lack of realism of Butcher’s women makes it hard for me NOT to roll my eyes every time we meet a new one.  I mean, damn.  The only OLD woman in Dresden’s life gets body-switched into a younger attractive one so that Dresden can be intimate with her.  WHAT THE HECK.  It reminds me a little of Freaky Friday…


This is the only issue I have.  And I’m not the only one I know who has this issue.  Let me know if you’ve noticed this as well and whether it has bothered you a little bit as well.


First Kiss First Kiss

So you know that First Kiss video that went viral a couple of weeks ago. The one that leads you to believe that it was an experiment conducted by sociologists/psychologists/studieshumanbehavior-ists… but it’s really an ad for a clothing commerical??

Well, someone decided to make a “spoof.” But you can’t even call it a spoof because it does so much more than even that First Kiss video did.. it shows that it doesn’t matter if someone is different than you in one of the most controversial ways. It shows that a hug or general kindness toward one another can break down hate (for a second at least).

This video takes some homophobic people and some gay people and it has them hugging it out. The video is on The Gay Women Channel (I also listed them in https://werrrd.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/women-are-funny/ ). I didn’t even know it became so popular until AfterEllen (AE) posted something about it today. I want to continue raising their views because it is a great video… one that I thought was funny but I guess holds more value.

Women ARE funny

My brothers tell me I’m not funny.  I can believe that.  My humor isn’t for everyone.  I giggle any time someone says something that could be considered a sexual innuendo *hehe*… or I make my own sexual innuendos *hehe*…  seriously, you’d confuse me for a 12 year old boy.  Not only do I dress like one, am as tall as one, but my humor is similar to one.  I can completely understand that I may not be that funny.  Honestly, though, I only do that sometimes 😉


I don’t really care what my brothers think.  I laugh at myself… because I realize how stupid I can be.  That’s okay.  What bothers me, now, is when they generalize to ALL women aren’t funny.  Now THAT is not true.  There are PLENTY of women that are funny.  I decided the other day I’m going to become a stand-up comic just to prove my brothers wrong (and probably many men as well).  I even have my very first skit in mind…  This’ll probably be a plan that succeeds as well as my plan to become the best damn punk musician ever…. which obviously didn’t happen.

So, in order to prove them wrong, I went on a journey through youtube.  I love my journeys through youtube.  I’ve found so many awesome vloggers and fandoms.  Anyway…  I’ve compiled a list of female stand-up comedians who deserve to be recognized… not only because they are women.  But also because they are FUNNY.  WOMEN ARE FUNNY.  The hair and the smile and the curves and the boobs shouldn’t be the only thing women are recognized for…

The first woman that comes to everyone’s mind is Ellen Degeneres.  Perhaps because the Oscars just happened, or perhaps because she’s the best Cover Girl eeeevaaaar.  Ellen is a talk show host, and she’s super funny.  However, I think most people forget that Ellen started up on stage as a stand-up comic before even her sitcom.  Here’s one of those early skits (and make a mental note of ’90s style… never again): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWOdNSh3W3U

Another famous female stand-up comic (apparently) is Kathy Griffin.  I’d seen her books and stuff before, but I’ve never caught her skits.  I checked some out on Youtube.. her stuff is a hit or miss for me… but she is famous and deserves the recognition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyvjTm53oUg

The last famous stand-up comic I’ll mention is Sarah Silverman.  I’m just going to mention here that I think she’s absolutely gorgeous.  Now I’m done.  The first time I’d seen her was in School of Rock, and had no idea she was a comedian until years and years later when I learned about her show on ComedyCentral.  I think she’s pretty funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGt7xrUAapo

I met this stand-up comic once.  She was at OutRaleigh! in 2012, and I just happened to be with girls that went to Fortune Feimster’s alma mater… lucky me.  She’s somewhat famous now… appearing on Chelsea Lately.  But she’s also funny.  Here’s a link to one of her earlier skits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AgqYwdLNHxk

Can’t forget to mention Fortune’s current ’employer’, Chelsea Handler.  Everyone knows her as that funny late night television talk show host.  But she also started out as a stand-up comic.  Here’s a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pibWUVD26zE

who says that women have to be funny alone?  The Youtubers known as The Gay Women Channel are hilarious if you are a gay woman and can laugh at yourself, or if you find gay women stereotypes funny.  The channel is primarily run by two women, Adrianna and Sarah, but they sometimes have friends who show up to help their funny out.  Here’s a link… go subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haM7rzn8GfI

Of course there is Whoopi Goldberg.  She’s as famous as Ellen, and she’ll also be one of the first female comics you think of… because she’s awesome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTrwsEIl9Kw

WOMEN ARE FUNNY DAMN IT.  My brothers can shove it.  Like this post if you like women comedians.  Also, if you can think of any others, please comment and leave a link below so that anyone reading this blog can expand their list of female comics!