Mario and the Brick-breakers


I’ve always loved Patent Pending.  Two summers ago, I discovered their music on Spotify when searching for a new punk band.  I’ve been in love ever since.  They are super funny (“Douchebag” and “Cheer Up Emo Kid”), yet can still bring in the right amount of emotion (compassion = “One less Heart to Break” and slight disgust = “Cut,Copy, Paste”).  It’s everything I liked about Blink 182 and Bowling for Soup and all those other punk bands that seemed to die away.

Their most recent album featured a song called “Hey, Mario”.  BEST SONG EVAR.  I mean… go listen for yourself: I think Patent Pending realized the genius.  So now they are taking the creativity to a new level.  Doing as punk does, and make a joke out of it all: Mock Documentary

Basically, Mario and the Brick-breakers have “published” an album which is soaring the charts.  Tracks 1, 2, 5, and 6 are definitely more my style… but the lyrics are all amazing.  WHO comes up with this SH!# ?  It’s kind of awesome.  The album is only a few dollars.  I suggest you go buy it and support this band.  Because… there aren’t very many punk bands out there who are this good.


The Used, reused

If you don’t know who The Used is, I refer you to this link: … You shouldn’t be here. This blog is by a fan for the fans.

The Used is one of those bands that has changed style slightly. The change has caused some fans to, well, not be fans anymore. It’s a shame really. But the question to ask is what about The Used did you fall in love with? Was it the lyrics? Was it Bert? Was it the amazing way the instrumentals and vocals supported one another? Because if your answer was yes to ANY of these questions… I’m pleased to announce, you are still a fan 🙂

A friend told me about “Take It Away”… that was the first time I heard anything by The Used. I instantly fell in love. The lyrics describe exactly how I was feeling, and the unclean singing further supported that angry despair. This was a little before Lies for the Liars. I love the sound of the first albums by The Used… Songs like “Box Full of Sharp Objects”, “Bulimic”, “The Taste of Ink”, “Noise and Kisses”, “Buried Myself Alive”, “Cut Up Angels”, “All That I’ve Got”, and and and and I could end up listing the entire series of songs from the early Used. Bert would probably tell me to shut the f*** up if I told him how I thought his lyrics are poetic, or that the way the vocals and instruments mix is perfect…

Lies for the Liars took a slightly different turn. While “Pretty Handsome Awkward” and “The Bird and the Worm” became quite popular, the Lies for the Liars is quite abstract compared to the previous set. Instead of describing emotions and situations that cause those feelings, it takes on a Halloween-ic theme. “Wake The Dead”, “Hospital”, and even “The Bird and the Worm” have ominous music and creepy voices in the background, while Bert sings about events that aren’t quite relate-able (they are.. it takes a moment). But these songs are fun! I love how The Used can make fun songs. There are other songs on the album which are much sappier than I had expected… but again, described how I felt when the album came out: “Earthquake” and “Smother Me” are examples. Unfortunately, many fans began to waver in their love for the Used since unclean screaming took a bit of a backseat…

Shallow Believer was not an album on print. I didn’t even realize it existed at first. But needing some Used in my life, I went to search whether a new album was coming out soon… I discovered their e-release Shallow Believer. I haven’t completely listened to the album, but I LOVE everything on it. It is a mix of old Used and The Used that appeared in Lies for the Liars. Songs like “Choke Me” and “Slit Your Own Throat” really gave me the chaos I need from The Used, and other songs like “Dark Days” gave me that softer rush of emotion.
I am not sure many fans knew of this album either…

Now Artwork… I can go on all day about this album. This is by far my favorite album. I listen to it day and night. I skip other Used songs to get to the ones on this album… but NO ONE agrees. NO ONE. And it’s a shame, because this album is so good at describing the complexities within a relationship that is falling apart… I think so many people could relate to the lyrics, and would love how the songs deliver these messages. But… the unclean singing that appeared on all previous albums has almost completely disappeared.
I’ve had many friends who say that is the reason they don’t like The Used any more. I shake my head, because this reason is absolutely ridiculous… The Used is one of the few bands who have changed styles and have succeeded in still being so wonderful.

I heard a rumor, one that I haven’t put to rest yet, that Bert doesn’t “scream” anymore. This may be true. I went to a concert last year, and one of the guitarist did the screaming parts. But it’s okay… because Bert is still singing, and he’s amazing.

On a side note… this concert was the best concert I’ve been to in 6 years. Nothing tops your first concert… and it was true, until I saw The Used. That concert was amazing!!!!

Vulnerable had a hard act to follow. I didn’t fall in love with this album because I already found my one true love. But it wasn’t quite the old style, but it wasn’t Artwork. I would say, this album is where The Used has found the sound that fits them where they are now as a band. I would say The Used really took on their album title, and became Vulnerable letting us see who they have become. It’s a shame that fans who have already left did not stick around for this album… because it’s also wonderful.

The e-release of The Ocean of The Sky last year is also really really really good. Although it is more of a politically aimed album, it is good. The fact that The Used doesn’t limit themselves to representing emotions and relationships says that they are more versatile than people give them credit for…

Clearly I am biased. I’m a fan of the music. And I don’t expect you to listen to me when all I’ve said is This-song-is-really-really-really-good haha and I’ve said this without any proof. But there is no real proof when it comes to music, except what you feel when you are listening to it.

BUT, if you don’t believe me, here’s a little bit of something that might count as proof. Recently, AP magazine named The Used as one of the bands that will mold the next gen of pop-screamo bands. If a band is great enough to influence a whole generation of musicians, then it must be that the music is good.

The reason for this post is the new upcoming album by The Used called Imaginary Enemy. I’m super excited, mostly for the new music. You should check out the video I’ve attached. ALSO, let me know if you’re a Used fan!!! You’ll be my new best friend 🙂