2000 pages in 2 months

Honestly, I shouldn’t watch television.  I shouldn’t eat.  I shouldn’t sleep.  I should NOT be reading.  I have less than two months before my dissertation defense.


But… I can’t put this series down.  Maybe you’ve heard of it… maybe you’ve seen it… maybe you’ve read it…  I’m talking about The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss.  That’s right, I’m talking about The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear.

The first quarter of this series is quite sad.  I’m not afraid to admit that I cried… just slightly embarrassed.  The second quarter was a bit addicting.. at least to me.  The third quarter was a change of pace compared to the others… then, I got to a slowing point.  And the last quarter is almost as good as the other parts.


The story is autobiography-ish, so it is primarily character development.  How did this character get to the current person?  What are his defining moments?  What about him has not changed?  etc. etc.  The primary problem with understanding the development of Kvothe… it’s the fact that he is telling the story to a scribe.. so he is relaying what he wants the people in his world to know about him.  We learn what he deems are his defining moments.  We learn what he believes are his bad characteristics.  etc. etc.  Despite the narrow view of his person, we are being given the first glimpse into the “legends” story.  So, as readers, we are supposed to feel honored with this position.


I have been completely enraptured with this story.  Except… well… the story is GREAT.  Then, about maybe 3 fourths of the way through the second book, Rothfuss ruined it.  It was going to be a great story.  Then, he went and made it a typical male-hero-gets-the-girl-sex-goddess story.  COME ON.  WHY do Jim Levensteins end up in bedrooms alone with Nadias?


I just don’t understand.  I was reading this epic series, and then suddenly I’m bored.  Reading about this wild, sex Fae who Kvothe has “tamed” enough to return home.  The entire entry!  She’s naked.  He’s naked.  He was a virgin.  She teaches him the Kama Sutra. They spend one Fae month together. End of story.  SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS?!  I shortened about 10-20 chapters into 6 sentences.  I understand certain things in those chapters are important to our understanding of his character development.  But it really feels as though Kvothe is calling claims on bragging rights.. since HE is telling the story with the intent of informing the world of the truth.. and.. of course, this is the truth he must share…


I’m not quite done with the second book yet.. because I hit some rough terrain (see above).. but, I do recommend the story despite this.


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