The Legend of Korra.. Last Season EVAR

Much like Korra getting her shiiiiii-taki mushrooms together, it’s taking me three years to FINALLY write about this season.  I came a little too late for recaps, considering Friday is THE END.  So.  I summarize.


We begin the new season 3 years into the future (from the season 3 finale).  Everyone is doing their own thing… because… you know… friends drift apart no matter how “close” your group had been.  Korra is missing, Asami has invented her buttox off for her dad’s company, Bolin is working for who turns out to be a female Hitler, and Makko… poor Makko… is stuck with the most annoying character this season.  Of course, these are the only characters we care about, right?!  Guess not.  The Airbenders have been bad-asses.  I’d have to say… they made airbending cool when no one thought airbending could be cool..

Anyways.  The group gets back together finally.  They bond over Kuvira’s evil-nature (after Korra’s romp through the jungle with the ONE THE ONLY.. waitforit.. Toph.. BEST PART OF THIS SEASON).  Korra eventually removes the poison in her system with the help of both Toph and Zaheer.  They are all ready to face Kuvira… a woman who keeps managing to fight off the most “powerful” benders in all of Avatar nation.  And this is where the season finale will begin.


There is a bunch of in between stuff.  I won’t spoil it though.  New stories are the fun of watching new seasons.

This season, though fast-paced as usual for LoK, it does not feel as though Korra will be teetering on the edge.  I hope I’m not speaking too soon.  I’ve really enjoyed this season.. well written, funny, decent-paced character development, and reminds me of The Last Airbender in a lot of ways.

I hope the Avatar series is not over, even if LoK might be.  The story is great, and it stinks that Nickelodeon put the show online.  That really screwed the ratings.  Regardless, great run.  I can’t wait until Friday 🙂




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