Binge-watching TV.. there’s a medicine for that, right?


Don’t you hate it when you’ve just binge-watched a show because it’s so good and then it ends because you don’t know how to control the amount you’re watching?!?!

Well, I just did that.  I literally just finished watching The Legend of Korra and Avatar The Last Airbender (not in one day of course… that would be impossible).  I should be ashamed of watching a cartoon at my age.  But I’m not.  They are both excellent cartoons.  Quite surprising since Nickelodeon really hasn’t had anything worth watching since they took Doug and the Rugrats off the air.


The purpose of this blog is to both praise ALA and defend LoK.  

While both series share history and art and setting, they are quite different in terms of plot.  And from what I’ve heard, people hold that against LoK.  We’ll never get over our first love.  


At least that’s how the saying goes.  But I’ve had the advantage of watching LoK first.  While I really enjoyed ALA, I enjoyed it for different reasons than I enjoy LoK, and that says a lot about how different they are.

First, let’s not forget that ALA is centered around a pre-teen male.  


This significantly changes the mood of the story when we head into Korra’s world, where she is in the midst of her teenage years as a female.  


My roommates have expressed favoritism toward ALA because it was more upbeat and fun.  That’s one of the reasons I like ALA as well, but LoK is not without humor.  It’s a different kind of humor, seemingly more serious, but just as fun.  The biggest problem in mood I think is the fact that Korra is a teenage girl.  Can we all sit back and remember Zuko for a second?  Imagine a show that is centered around him.  OMG, that would be horrible.  Ten times worse than Korra.  

Teenagers, amiright?

 Everything is tragic.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Since the most important people in Korra’s life for most of the first 3 books are teenagers themselves… obviously there is more seriousness going on, son.

Now if we ignore this.  The other issue I’ve heard about is the relationship business.  I don’t think there was too much of it.. in fact, the relationships between Mako and Korra and between Mako and Asami really didn’t last very long, maybe an episode or two.  The awkwardness that happens afterward adds to the funny, I think.  In ALA, there are relationships that last much longer, like Sokka and Suki or Zuko and Mai.

I just don’t understand this unfounded dislike.  Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  But you can’t hold an old flame next to a new one.  You’ll never see the greatness of the new one that way.

I loved ALA.  It was funny.  There were strong, powerful females.  


The underdog wins.  Each episodes fit just enough of a subplot, and the three seasons carried the bigger story line perfectly.  I was super sad ten minutes ago when I started writing this.

But I also love LoK.  It’s good to see a strong, powerful female as a lead character.  It’s even more interesting to see a teenage girl handle the responsibilities.  I really enjoy the more subtle humor, and it’s great to see how people are interacting with each other after the Fire Nation has been knocked off their mantle.

My issue with LoK is with the planned trouble.  I feel like Korra has had to deal with more issues on a larger magnitude than Aang did.  Aman, her Uncle, and the Red Lotus.  All bad guys of superior knowledge and skill.  Not only does she have to deal with these situations, but she also has to do so with a limited amount of experience in the world.  I think the “universe” has unfairly thrown these blows at her.  In the season 3 finale, we see how they’ve caught up to her.  But viewers need to think about this.  While Aang has several challenges, most of them were not as difficult.  Aang kept running away from Zuko;  he wasn’t able to defend Bo Sing Se, so he had to run;  The only way to defend the Northern Water tribe was to go Avatar mode. etc. etc.  Most of the time, Aang did as airbenders do, and he ran to live and fight another day.  Korra… while she may be hard-headed, stood her ground and fought the bad guys, despite how much more skilled they are.  


But my thing is… there’s only been ten episodes in each season.  It feels like too short amount of time for Korra to already have bested these bad guys… or maybe she doesn’t have a choice because the writers need to conclude the story before the end of a season.. who knows.

What I do know is… Season 4 of LoK needs to be out now so I have something to fill my Avatar void.



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