Some Secrets are better Left Unsaid

What I’m about to say quite contradicts my last post.  Because what I did was share a secret that I’ve never said out loud to anyone… ever.  

This video: Mary Lambert’s “Secrets“… is meant to empower people.  To make them be more comfortable with themselves.  I get that.  Girls who are bigger shouldn’t be ashamed to eat a damn donut.  Girls who are skinnier shouldn’t be ashamed of their pointy cheekbones.  Love yourselves.  GREAT message.

Secrets are something ENTIRELY different.  Remember this project: Post Secret.  I remember it.  I remember reading posts about how people like to smell poop.  That is not a secret to share.  Don’t be ashamed.  Good for you.  But the world doesn’t want to know that when you walk into the bathroom you take a great big whiff of the present your co-worker just left you.


‘Nuff said.

Obviously some secrets are lying by omission.  Like when you cheat on your girlfriend and you don’t tell her.  Telling your gf is NOT empowering.


Mary Lambert’s lyrics are less destructive.  But her chorus basically implies ALL kinds of secrets:

“They tells us from the time we’re young, to hide the things we don’t like about ourselves, inside ourselves.  I know I’m not the only one, who spent so long attempting to be someone else.”  

She doesn’t care that the world knows what her secrets are… but her secrets are characteristics that others might learn if they took the time to get to know her.  Those aren’t secrets.  Those are qualities she may or may not be ashamed of.  There is a difference.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the song.  It’s a cute beat with cute lyrics with a cute video.  I hope it does lots of girls and boys good.  BUT PLEASE DON’T TELL ME STUFF like the last time you masturbated, what you cannot digest properly, or about that rash in a place I cannot normally see.  


I probably will judge you.  Not because of the information but because of the information.


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