Mario and the Brick-breakers


I’ve always loved Patent Pending.  Two summers ago, I discovered their music on Spotify when searching for a new punk band.  I’ve been in love ever since.  They are super funny (“Douchebag” and “Cheer Up Emo Kid”), yet can still bring in the right amount of emotion (compassion = “One less Heart to Break” and slight disgust = “Cut,Copy, Paste”).  It’s everything I liked about Blink 182 and Bowling for Soup and all those other punk bands that seemed to die away.

Their most recent album featured a song called “Hey, Mario”.  BEST SONG EVAR.  I mean… go listen for yourself: I think Patent Pending realized the genius.  So now they are taking the creativity to a new level.  Doing as punk does, and make a joke out of it all: Mock Documentary

Basically, Mario and the Brick-breakers have “published” an album which is soaring the charts.  Tracks 1, 2, 5, and 6 are definitely more my style… but the lyrics are all amazing.  WHO comes up with this SH!# ?  It’s kind of awesome.  The album is only a few dollars.  I suggest you go buy it and support this band.  Because… there aren’t very many punk bands out there who are this good.


Some Secrets are better Left Unsaid

What I’m about to say quite contradicts my last post.  Because what I did was share a secret that I’ve never said out loud to anyone… ever.  

This video: Mary Lambert’s “Secrets“… is meant to empower people.  To make them be more comfortable with themselves.  I get that.  Girls who are bigger shouldn’t be ashamed to eat a damn donut.  Girls who are skinnier shouldn’t be ashamed of their pointy cheekbones.  Love yourselves.  GREAT message.

Secrets are something ENTIRELY different.  Remember this project: Post Secret.  I remember it.  I remember reading posts about how people like to smell poop.  That is not a secret to share.  Don’t be ashamed.  Good for you.  But the world doesn’t want to know that when you walk into the bathroom you take a great big whiff of the present your co-worker just left you.


‘Nuff said.

Obviously some secrets are lying by omission.  Like when you cheat on your girlfriend and you don’t tell her.  Telling your gf is NOT empowering.


Mary Lambert’s lyrics are less destructive.  But her chorus basically implies ALL kinds of secrets:

“They tells us from the time we’re young, to hide the things we don’t like about ourselves, inside ourselves.  I know I’m not the only one, who spent so long attempting to be someone else.”  

She doesn’t care that the world knows what her secrets are… but her secrets are characteristics that others might learn if they took the time to get to know her.  Those aren’t secrets.  Those are qualities she may or may not be ashamed of.  There is a difference.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the song.  It’s a cute beat with cute lyrics with a cute video.  I hope it does lots of girls and boys good.  BUT PLEASE DON’T TELL ME STUFF like the last time you masturbated, what you cannot digest properly, or about that rash in a place I cannot normally see.  


I probably will judge you.  Not because of the information but because of the information.

Analyzing the Green Monster …

I’m a jealous person.  I’m just going to come right out and admit that.


That feels better.  I’ve never said it “out loud” before.  I have a handful of things I’m ashamed about, and sharing this makes me feel vulnerable.  So if you are going to attack me, please wait for the vulnerability to pass.


When I was a child, I would HATE it when someone came into my room.  Literally, I’d be yelling if anyone touched anything.. I liked everything to be the way I left it.  I remember this one time I came home from First grade, and my dolls had been left all over my floor.  What a hissy fit I threw.  


For the longest time, I would describe my child-self as a brat.  But all girls raised in a house of only boys become possessive and controlling, right?

But First grade isn’t the only time I remember reacting this way.  The next time I was 16 or 17.  It was after my father died.  My bedroom was the only place I could get away from my mourning mother, and my insensitive brothers.  A place I would go write in my journal or write poetry.  A place to listen to music that drowned out the rest of the world.  A place I cried.  So that justifies yelling at anyone coming into my room?


Then I went to college.  Did all the things that college kids do… drink, hangout with friends, sleep, skip class, and still manage to get a degree.  


During college, though, I met someone who liked her room just so.  I met someone who didn’t like someone touching her things.  I connected with a girl who respected my stuff as much as I respected her stuff.  She understood me.  So I chalked all my temper-tantrums to my child-self being a spoiled brat, because I wasn’t the only one who liked a neat place.

The difference between us: shortly after we started dating, she became one of my things.  Not like I treated her less than human.  But that I became possessive and controlling like I did with my dolls.  I needed her to be set in a specific way.  My way.  A way I could trust.  A way that is most comfortable for me.  The possessiveness and control gave way to jealousy.  I turned into a complete crazy lady (I might be exaggerating a bit for emphasis.. there’s more to the story than this).



I’m quite ashamed of the person I became.  One of the reasons I’m not in a relationship now is because I’m afraid of that person.  I do not want to subject someone else to the monster inside me.  


I’m a super laid-back person.. now.  It’s how I can manage the raging emotions within.  Sometimes I think that I’m ready to open up and find a new best friend.  But… how can you change something that has been inside you since you were a child?  You can’t… at least that’s what I’ve decided.  So I let people see the parts of me that I want them to see… the parts of me that I only allow myself to see.  Because if I knock even just a brick down, I’m afraid of what I’ll become.

There’s not just a Green monster waiting for something to call its own.  There are monsters of every color, just waiting.


I can mash-potatoe, I can do the twist, now tell me baby

Do you like it like this?

This post is a review of my experience with the video game The Bridge.  So if you haven’t played and you would like to.. you should read this because there aren’t any spoilers.  If you haven’t played and you don’t want to.. well, you can still read this 😉


The game is primarily a puzzle game.  There are 8 worlds, each with 5 levels.  In each level, you need to get through the exit door in order to complete the stage.  As you progress from one level to the next, new elements are introduced that make the puzzle slightly more difficult than the last.

The basis for the creativity is the M.C. Escher-like art.  It is what drew me to the game, it’s what drew my brother to the game, and I’m sure it’s what drew most players to the game.  M.C. Escher is well-known for his optical illusion pieces.  Most people recognize the pieces where you may follow a path to go in one direction and end in another.


M.C. Escher has a ton of wonderful pieces.  He is one of the most famous surrealists of his time.

The game stayed true to the tricky paths.


You can move from one end of a path to another through a portal.  The paths also allow you to manipulate “gravity.”  Eventually, these portals will allow you to manipulate the color of your character… this allows you to access black keys and black doors only if you are black, and white keys and white doors only if you are white.  It is up to you to find the perfect path which gives you the proper color at the proper position.

Also, you’ll have to deal with portals and deadly balls.  As well, you can manipulate time so you do not have to begin a level all over again.


Although you have these factors,  I found the puzzles much easier to solve than the game Braid.

All in all, I rate this game a 9 out of 10.  It was fun and challenging enough to make me want to finish the game.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much of a story despite the fact that you get to meet Isaac Newton and your character is M.C. Escher himself.

Go on Steam and play the game.  Let me know what you think.