a New Series. And lots of Second Chances.

I finished the original Foundation trilogy about a month ago.  After my glowing review of the first book, I decided not to post about the next two.  There were things I really liked about the remaining story.  There were things I didn’t like.  That’s what happens when it comes to series… right?  I don’t know.  There are very few series I’ve read where the author maintains the awesomeness for every single minute.  I do think it is worth the read though!

So what have I been doing for the last month?!  Who knows.  Time flies by so fast.  



I have a new series to share.  Apparently it has a cult following… a whole forum dedicated to fans… a failed tv series.  I got turned on to the Dresden Files by a friend.. who has been literally BUGGING me to read it.  So, I’m now reading it… two years after the pestering began.


I’ve read the first two books already.  The first book left me with the taste of cheese in my mouth.  Because the humor was SO BAD.  And things that happened made me roll my eyes over and over again.  It left me wondering, WHY are so many people crazy about this story.  I mean… the story wasn’t too bad.  But… it wasn’t just any cheese in my mouth.  It was a super sharp cheese.  The kind of after taste that doesn’t go away until you brush your teeth.  

My friend insisted to give it another try.  My reaction


But there are like a zillion of these books… so maybe they aren’t all this bad.  I read the second one.  The story becomes more complex, the humor becomes more subtle and better… and I decided that I would listen to Harry talk like a real detective from a noire movie.  It’s SO much better.  And now I can understand why half the people who read it might.  

So yes.  I am going to give it a third try and read the next book in the series.  If you are as forgiving as I am, you should also try the series.  It’s filled with vampires and werewolves and demons and wizards and fairies… and I’m told eventually there will be a zombie T-Rex… which I am also told is amazing… I feel like there might be a lot of cheese.  Maybe that’s okay?  *shrug*



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