Lady Loving Culture versus Lady Loving Culture

What the heck does the title of this post even mean?!?!  😉

Through most of my lady loving life, I had very little to do with pop culture or politics or fashion or the civil rights movement.  Then one day a few years ago I ran across The L Word.  SHUT UP.  I had no idea there was representation on television.  I had no idea there was a wonderful group called the Human Rights Campaign fighting for the rights of women just like me (as well as gay males, bisexuals, and the trans* community).  I HAD NO EFFING IDEA.  So today… I know more than you could ever think possible about different television shows having lesbian story lines, movies, celebrities who are actually gay, different names of different organizations, different names for different sexual and gender identities.  I KNOW SO MUCH MORE.  In fact… I may be guilty of talking about this stuff too much.  I promise, I’m not in your face about it… I just nerd out about it.  How could you NOT nerd out about Ellen Page, Imagine Me & You, Tegan and Sara, the Naomily ship, etc.  COME ON.  IF you are a lady who loves the ladies and you don’t know this shizz, you are missing out.  I used to be just like you… and now I feel whole.


While feeling so passionate about all the stuff I was coming across, I found sites full of peoples who also care about not-going-to-benefit-me-in-life information:,,,, …  

The two sites I refer to over and over again, however, would be and  Here are the reasons why I use AfterEllen:

  1. They keep track of almost EVARY show with a lesbian story line.  They must have 24 hour foreign workers watching every possible show on American television for 99 cents an hour pay.  
  2. If there isn’t an actual lesbian story line, but there are lesbian undertones… they do those too.  Those foreign workers probably get paid 1 dollar an hour because they have to work at reading those undertones.
  3. They keep track of celebrity shizz as well.  It’s like People Magazine… except it should be called Lesbian Peoples Magazine.
  4. Once in awhile, there will be a bracket showdown.  These showdowns could be between nominated ships (like Red and Belle from Once Upon a Time), nominated clash ships also known as slashes (like Buffy and Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer), or nominated bisexual character, or nominated lesbian character, etc. etc. etc.  SO MANY OF THESE COULD EXIST.  And it’s fun to see which of your favorites make it to the top 🙂

There’s other stuffs on the website… but that’s what’s poppin’ on the main page, so that’s what grabs my attention.


SheWired is a different variety.  While they do have articles and recaps about celebrity stuffs and television shows, there is so much more… 

  1. The first thing they have that I really really like is they post about LGBTQ vloggers.  Of course this is exciting because they are vloggers I enjoy watching and I’m happy for those girls to be recognized for the amazing things they do.
  2. This site does a much better job of featuring articles about fashion or sports or politics.
  3. Another unique feature I really enjoy is that they have a scrolling window on the side which is twitter feed of people the site follows.  This is especially exciting for those of us who refuse to get a twitter account *guilty*.
  4. I personally enjoy SheWired’s layout much better than AfterEllen’s layout.

Although there has been an increase in representation everywhere for the lady loving ladies, it is still significantly small.  If it wasn’t… then there wouldn’t be foreign workers whose job it is to find these instances 😉  Because of the small-ness, all of these sites are going to write about the same stories.  SheWired and AfterEllen are so similar in many respects.  You can be the judge for yourself which is better for your needs.  I like using a mix of both.

If you use a site that I haven’t listed, let me know.  I’m up for finding a site that encompasses the pros of both these sites… maybe it’ll reduce the amount of time I spend on the internets…



2 thoughts on “Lady Loving Culture versus Lady Loving Culture

  1. Karla Banks May 9, 2014 / 11:47 am

    I like this website


    • aklandi May 9, 2014 / 2:14 pm

      I like them both as well. Which one are you referring to?


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