Used some more

I know I am late in the game.  The Used and Taking Back Sunday announced a tour together days and days ago.  I fan-girl-d so hard when I found out.  SO HARD.  The Used and Taking Back Sunday both shaped what I look for in a band.  They both shape what I want to be if I was to start a band.  These two… together… in the same room.  To top it off, they’d be bringing Tonight Alive along.  And I do have to say that Jenna McDougall is cute.  A night of music I love and a cute girl on stage is a night that I would love to have.  


But then it happened.  Then I saw the tour dates.  NOT ONE of them is in the state I am currently living.  This is a moment that everyone experiences.. when they are completely let down.  This was one of the saddest moments in my life… well, maybe not THAT sad, but it was a palm-to-my-face moment.  

For the last 5 years, I’ve gone to concerts and come back saying I’ll never go to another one… because I always feel so damn old.  You’ve got these teeny-boppers fighting for a place up front.. and it’s ridiculous.  Because they push people (those of us who get their early enough for a good spot) further and further to the back.  I’m all about some jumping, and participating on the edge of a mosh pit.  So I know that the crowd moves… but to move because some 12 year old wants to see the band… well, that makes me feel old.  WHY AM I LISTENING TO MUSIC A PRE-PUBESCENT GIRL IS LISTENING TO?!?!?!  Anyway…. the point is, although I feel this way, I would drive 4 hours and back to see my favorite bands.  Hell, I did it last year for The Used.  But… these tour dates are not within my state… I would have to drive a minimum of 2 states away.


But I guess it’s okay.  I have two CDs I’m going to buy, and I can jump, head bang, and create my own mosh pit… all inside my bedroom.  Who needs to feel the energy of the crowd?  Who needs to see a pretty face on stage with beautiful notes floating out her mouth to my ears?  Who needs any of that? 

duh, me.  And all other music lovers.  How to make this possible, hmmmm  Maybe I can learn the power of teleportation.  I hope the rest of ya’ll enjoy the concert for me!!

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