Lost Girl Catch-Up

I haven’t posted about Lost Girl in awhile.  I had trouble finding the show.  However, recently I have gained access to the shows.  I’m not going to recap… it’s too late for that.  But, like my last post on Lost Girl, I will give my reaction.

Episodes 5-8 have given us back the old Bo.  I have highly enjoyed her not being so confused and misty-eyed.  It’s her personality that has made me fall in love with the character.  If she didn’t go back to who she was in Seasons 1-3, I would have to fight someone.  I understand that this season Bo has come back from a land unknown, and that will have changed her.  But her essence should still remain.  It was hard to see her essence has changed too.  

What I have enjoyed is the new Tamsin…  HOTT.  The new relationship between Dyson and Lauren is interesting… I’m enjoying the playful banter and friendly competition, as sickening as it is.  I also really enjoy the fact that Kenzi and Hale are a thing.. they go great together.

Episodes 9-11 has destroyed this for me.  WTF HAS JUST HAPPENED?!  Bo is in love with the Wanderer? THEY KILLED HALE?  Trick is evil in a past life?  Tamsin hooks up with Dyson?  

I’M SO MAD.  How do you spend 3 whole seasons pulling viewers from Dyson to Lauren to Dyson to Lauren to them effing sharing?  Then suddenly Bo agrees that relationships with Dyson or Lauren would never work, and the Wanderer is her destiny?!  Dafuq?  These two people.. who put up with all the back and forth shiz.. Dyson constantly saving Bo (because she is often the damsel in distress).  Lauren teaching Bo to control her powers through science-y stuff.  Come on people.  COME ON.  It makes me think this Wanderer will have a short-lived spot on the show.  But for now, I’m allowed to be angry.  Many fans are probably angry..


These relationships aren’t the only ones.  I mean… Kenzi and Hale.  Built that up for 3.5 seasons… and then KILL HALE!!  YOU EFFING KILL HALE.  THE ONLY BLACK PERSON ON THE SHOW.  YOU KILLED THE ONLY BLACK PERSON ON THE SHOW.  Poor Kenzi.  She can never catch a break.  The Lost Girl world completely shits all over Kenzi.  She’s only loved two guys.  Jimmy Olsen made an appearance a little bit ago, and Kenzi really liked him.  But she pushed him away because Bo comes first.  Bo came first then.  Kenzi finally finds someone in the world of Bo, Hale.  They love each other, and Hale even proposed.  But he is murdered by a piece of bacon saved by the green.  Bo doesn’t save him.. she can’t.. but she doesn’t try, and Kenzi points out that Bo is selfish (which is true) and says she will never forgive Bo.  This was the end of episode 11, so I don’t know what’s happened.  But I’m super angry.  1) because I thought Hale was awesome despite the fact he wasn’t a main character, and 2) because Kenzi deserves happiness.

What a cliff-hanger guys!  If you have any other thoughts not mentioned, or if you want to share your feelings, comment!!


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