Short Stories again? ugh.

Let’s be real.  No one cares what someone else is reading… unless you are reading the same things.  These short stories are from 2008… I highly doubt they are still being circulated in relevant places.  Buuuuuut, it doesn’t really matter in the end whether you’ve read them or not.  This post still exists.

I was very confused while reading Child’s Playby Alice Munro.  Immediately you know that you are reading a story being told by an adult woman about her childhood.  However, you are jumping between memories.  There’s the primary memory about Charlene, a childhood friend, at a summer camp.  Although it was once, we learn at the end why these friends are forever connected.  At first, I thought maybe they were lovers.  


Marlene (the narrator) describes Charlene with a kind of affection that adults don’t really attach to a one-time-summer-camp friend.  There has to be a special connection between the two.  However, Marlene describes the type of relationship she has with any female: “I’ve observed but never taken part in these female exchanges.  Not truly.  Sometimes I’ve pretended because it seemed to be required, but the woman I was supposed to be making friends with always got wind of my pretense and became confused and cautious.”  Obviously Marlene doesn’t connect well with other women… which convinced me that Charlene was her lover because their relationship seemed to be the only time she connected with another girl.  

Then Verna.  This is the other memory the story will switch.  Verna is mentally handicapped (at least that’s how she is described), and Marlene absolutely hates her.  I don’t really understand how a child could learn this hate.. but I think that’s how the hate begins.  Mentally handicapped people make everyone else reeeally uncomfortable.. that’s the reality of it for those who do not have family members whom are themselves handicapped.  


Marlene probably read this in her mother’s disposition, and this created an inner hate: “I didn’t believe my mother really liked Verna either.”  But Marlene goes so far as to say:

only adults would be so stupid as to believe she had no power.  A power, moreover, that was specifically directed at me.  I was the only one she had her eye on.  Or so I believed.  As if we had an understanding between us that could not be described and was not to be disposed of.  Something that clings, in the way of love, though on my side it felt like hate.

 I basically thought she was in denial at this point, and secretly was in love with Verna.  Special people deserve love too!!  However, because of this hate, Marlene would get highly annoyed when Verna came around.  In the yard.  At school.  And, at the summer camp.

This clearly ties the two memories together.  And, what I was thinking, the summer camp brings the two lovers into the same vicinity.  For the most part, Verna stayed away.  It had been years since she saw Marlene, would she even recognize her?  Charlene helped Marlene avoid Verna nonetheless.  

The story switches to the present, and Marlene describes how Charlene and she lost touch.  Marlene is now an Anthropologist writing about the mentally handicapped and other cultures, and Charlene is married with kids.  Marlene’s topic of choice.. and the fact that she never married further supported my idea of thinking she and Verna had something.  The loss of connection between Charlene, who meant so much, and Marlene also supported the idea that something happened between them.  

Charlene has cancer and asks for Marlene to come to her.  In a note, she sends Marlene to a Catholic church to have Charlene forgiven before she passes…. why didn’t she go do that before she ended up in the hospital??  Marlene made a trip to no end.  There wasn’t a Father willing to forgive her.


side note:  I feel like I have to correct this meme your = you’re

At last, there is a memory of the last day of summer camp.  You wanna know what connects Charlene and Marlene through all those years even though there was a disconnect?  Do you know why Marlene is obsessed with how different cultures handle the mentally handicapped?  Do you want to know why Marlene doesn’t think she is worthy of being loved???

They killed Verna.


Yes.  You read that freaking right.  Charlene and Marlene spontaneously murdered Verna… I use spontaneous because that is how Marlene describes it… freeing herself of guilt.  They didn’t plan it.  WTF.  Just because you didn’t plan on holding Verna under water while she fought for the surface DOESN’T MEAN YOU AREN’T PSYCHOTIC.  But I guess Paige understands… she tried to drown Emily to drown away her feelings.  Except, Paige didn’t have a Charlene to help.


The next story, Buying Lenin (by Miroslav Penkov), doesn’t leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.  However, it is quite a sorrowful story.  The narrator is a boy in his early 20s from Bulgaria.  He is telling the story about his grandfather.  The man who basically raised him.  The story opens up saying that the narrator is going to America for college, and his grandfather opposes because he is a communist.  The narrator, at 17, is living by himself.  We learn that his grandmother died when the narrator was 8.  Then his parents died when the narrator was 12.  And his grandfather is the primary person who teaches him to be the man he is before leaving for America.  Most of the story is about the grandfather.. giving us a background of what he has been through.  The narrator finds this important, so we need to as well, right?  

G-pa was not a communist at first.  He took to the woods, hiding from those who took over.  But, he was starving, so G-pa gathered up courage and went back to the village.  There “people walked free, and their dark eyes glowed with the spark of something new, great, and profoundly world-changing.”  G-pa immediately became a communist.  Found a woman.  Had a baby boy.  

The memories are switching back and forth with the narrator’s experiences at college.  Funny:

 ‘Welcome to America,’ they said in one warm, friendly voice.  They had good, honest faces.  We shook hands.  Then in the car they gave me a Bible.  

‘Do you know what this is?’ the girl said, very slowly and very loudly.  

‘No,’ I said.  She seemed genuinely pleased. 

‘These are the deeds of our Savior.  The word of our Lord.’

‘Oh, Lenin’s collected works,’ I said.  ‘Which volume?’

There’s a memory of catching crawfish, just the narrator and his g-pa.  It was sweet. 


Then the memory of his grandma dying… the love of g-pa’s life dying.  The narrator says: “it must have rained inside Grandpa too, but he shed no tears.”  There is apparently no priest at a communist funeral.  What does a priest do anyway?  No one wants to hear prayers.  No one wants to hear that the dead are in a better place.  That doesn’t make ANYONE feel better.  But Grandpa didn’t just lose his heart.  He lost his love… Communism.  The Communist party fell a month before grandmother died.  Grandpa stayed in the village his wife died.. and over years, the Communist party rose again with Grandpa at the head.  

The night the narrator’s parents died… they were on the way to the hospital to see Grandpa, who had had a stroke.  A truck hit them.  

A funny memory during the narrator’s sophomore year in college… Grandpa calls and asks the narrator to buy Lenin on eBay…


Yes.  That’s what I thought.  That’s what the narrator thought.  Grandpa knows it may be a fake.  But he says he’ll believe what he wants to believe because he’s too tired to keep facing reality.

Flashback to the narrator’s 16th birthday.  Grandpa buys the narrator a BMX bike… what he didn’t know is that the narrator’s parents had also bought a BMX bike for the birthday right after they died… so the narrator has an emotional breakdown.  Tells Grandpa he wishes he’d died instead.. that it’s his fault the parents are dead.  Grandpa leaves town.

The last phone conversation that the narrator has with his Grandpa is full of laughter.  The narrator gets a letter from his Grandpa.  The letter says 

Grandson, we’ve had a hard life, you and I.  We grew old, not with years, but with deaths.  You are now one death older.  Carry this baggage with dignity, and don’t let it break your back.  Always remember that you’ve suffered a lot more than many, but that others have suffered even greater pains.  Be thankful for what you have.  For what you’ve seen and for what you’ve been spared from seeing…  Sinko, I love you.


See now why I thought this story was sorrowful??

Vampires in the Lemon Grove…. ‘nuf said.  Karen Russell certainly took a fantastical approach to story telling.  I enjoyed the story.  It was an interesting take on Vampires.  Clyde is a Vampire.  He lives in a Lemon Grove.. he more than lives there.. he is now growing moss all over his unmoving body there.  That’s a bit of an exaggeration.  However, he is settled on a lemon grove in Sorrento, Italia with his wife, Magreb.  Why a Lemon Grove?  Why not a cave where there is cover from the sun?  Why not in a cemetery like Buffy-vampires do so Clyde can suck the blood of stupid teenagers running around a grave yard in the middle of the night?  Why in Italy, where crosses and garlic are EVARYWHERE?  At one point, Clyde probably would not have lived there.  He was the only Vampire he knew.  So he lived in a cave, and killed adults because of blood-hunger, and he hid from crosses and garlic.  He even wore a cape so that everyone feared him like they feared Dracula.  But then Clyde met Magreb… and she told him that none of those things are true.


Of course Clyde didn’t believe her, at first.  But now he lives in a Lemon Grove… in Italy… where he sits day in and day out eating the fresh lemons.  It turns out that the lemons get rid of the hunger as effectively as blood does.  So Clyde and Magreb live here.  It’s only Clyde’s love for Magreb that helps the hunger: “Because I love her, my hunger pangs gradually mellowed into a comfortable despair.”  But, centuries later, the lemons aren’t working any longer.  Magreb wants to go.  Clyde is too scared to leave.  Clyde: a Vampire who used to be feared, a Vampire who sucked blood, a Vampire who terrorized humans.  He is too scared to leave, but doesn’t want Magreb to leave him alone. This is understandable, “I gave up more than I intended: I can’t shudder myself out of this old man’s body.  I can’t fly anymore.”  Clyde cannot face the world as he once was, why face it at all?  


In the story, Fila is a girl who also lives in the Lemon grove.  She knows that Clyde is a Vampire.  She doesn’t stay away from him, but becomes his friend.  She obviously needs to watch Buffy.. she’s as stupid as those kids walking through the grave yard.  Under the impression they were friends, Fila teases Clyde about his Vampire-ness.  This strikes Clyde the wrong way given all his emotional distress… and then he bites her, drains her dry, and becomes whole: “I am a monster again.”

The story ends with Clyde going to Magreb’s cave… now that he has gained some of his pride back, he is ready to go elsewhere.  He is ready to do what he and Magreb need to do.


This time there is a 4th story.  It is simply called Puppy, by George Saunders.  The story is about two women, each the opposite of the other.  Marie is raising her kids the way she wished her abusive parents had raised her.  Callie is raising her children with love.  But how these two women go about doing these things are completely different… and in the end Marie judges Callie for the appearance of her household, rather than her intention.

The story opens up with Marie describing how wonderful her life is: perfect husband, wonderful kids, the works… “family laughter was golden.”  She compares this life to the abusive one she had as a child growing up.  Good for her, for raising her kids in a loving home.  They are even on their way to go pick a puppy up (at Callie’s home).

 Callie’s life isn’t as perfect.  Her son has a mental disability, and he keeps escaping the house… almost getting killed each time.  Her man kills animals.  But he only does it because he has to… because they have too many.  When Callie is describing her life, though, it doesn’t seem that bad: “that’s what love was, liking someone how he was and doing things to help him get better.”  

It’s Marie that makes Callie’s life worse.  She describes the mess of the house.  She describes Callie’s weight.  She describes the smell.  But she tries to be better than the judgmental person she actually is, and thinks: “life will not necessarily always be like this.  Your life could suddenly blossom into something wonderful.  It can happen.  It happened to me.”  WHAT is wrong with Callie’s life?  Just because things aren’t as neat and clean as you’d like them, Marie, doesn’t mean the home isn’t full of love… which is what your childhood was lacking.

What pissed me off about Marie… is the fact that she leaves the place… won’t even take the damn puppy.  She leaves and plans on calling Child Welfare about Callie’s son, who is chained up in the yard.  The son is chained up because he keeps escaping.  The son is chained up because Callie doesn’t want harm to come to him.  The son is chained up outside because it is better than him being cooped up inside for days and days.  The son is chained up because his mother loves him.  Marie doesn’t know this…


I can’t completely dislike Marie.  Because… if Callie can’t afford the proper care for Bo, he should be taken to someone who can.  So this is report-able… but there is no neglect going on here.  What Marie should have been worried about is the damned puppy.  This family was trying to get rid of the puppy so they didn’t have to kill it.  Now, Callie has to kill it.  She’s chosen to let it starve in the middle of a field.  DAFUQ?!


That’s what happens, I guess, when you meet people on Craigslist and you don’t know what’s going on.

Hope you all enjoyed this post!


Stephen Amell Sizes Up the Growing Team Arrow, Nixes ‘Jealousy’ Talk and Teases Massive Finale


Arrow Spoilers Oliver Felicity SladeIt’s a good day to be Arrow.

Because as dark (and deadly) as things have become in Starling City, the mood on the CW hit’s Vancouver set in mid-February is bright and lively, given the news that series lead Stephen Amell just helped shoot across the Internet: Season 3 is happening.

Not long after tweeting out the good word — and prior to blocking a quite pivotal scene that will air this spring – Amell kicked back in his trailer for a conversation with TVLine, sizing up Team Arrow 3.0, anticipating the inevitable Oliver/Slade showdown and surveying the many complicated relationships a chiseled billionaire vigilante must navigate.

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To Be Juliet’s Secret

Today, I was exploring Spotify.  The same way we all used to take advantage of Myspace:  go to a band you love, look at the related artist section, click on the one with the most interesting name, and then determine whether you like them or not.  I didn’t have to go very far for once.

The music.. so amazing.  I know I haven’t been very good about describing music previously ( and  I use descriptions like:  I love this band.  And I guess if we don’t have similar musical tastes, that doesn’t help anyone but me.  I can’t say that I love To Be Juliet’s Secret, because I’ve followed them for less than 10 hours now.  But, as I’m listening to their most recent album Laced With Fear (2013), I feel like they are worth their own post.  For a couple of reasons: 1) They are unsigned which is unique (for a band this good), and 2) the music is absolutely beautiful.  If you love He is We,


you’ll love To Be Juliet’s Secret as well.  The sounds are different, of course.  Both bands are unique (lead singers are different beauties and different sounds).  However, they tackle their music in much the same way, despite the fact that TBJS identifies as alternative rock and He is We identifies as Indie Pop.  What I mean is the lyrics are poetic and the instruments aren’t heavy.  By light, I mean they complement the vocals as well as tell a story themselves, but they do so without overwhelming the sound.  And this is done with instruments like the piano, tambourine, acoustic guitar, light drumming, etc.

I couldn’t find much on the band.  It doesn’t seem as though they have their own website, but they do have a Facebook.  They are located in Michigan, and consist of only 4 members.

I would recommend this band.  They deliver messages wonderfully.  I give them a 5 out of 5.


GirlTrash Movie Reviewed


This is it.  What some of us have been waiting 4 years for.  The movie we were promised, GirlTrash: All Night Long.  I saw the trailer over a year ago, and finally got the DVD this past Tuesday.  I’ve watched it THREE times already… And not just to get my money’s worth (because who pays $30 for a movie anymore??  Let’s be honest.. we torrent movies or wait until they are $5 at Walmart).  This movie is what I had hoped it to be.  This is my face while I’m watching:  :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

YES.  It looks like all those colons and capital D’s.

The movie is so effing funny.  If you want to see the actresses you love, then this movie is a must see.  It has major characters of The L Word seasons 5-6, an appearance by Megan Cavanagh of Exes and Ohs, stars of South of Nowhere, and stars from the Web-series, Girl Trash, in which the movie is sorta based.

SPOILERS starting here.

It starts out with Daisy, played by Lisa Rieffel, running in on Tyler and some girl.. one of the many girls Tyler sleeps with.  I’m not sure why media thinks thin, dark and messy haired girls are irresistible. Shane isn’t my first choice girl on The L Word… but that’s just me.  In fact, Michelle Lombardo is super pretty without the Shane-ish make over.

This scene opens the audience up to the humor already.  Daisy makes fun of the sex and walks out talking about Tyler’s other girl.  Then she breaks out into song, and Tyler’s guest asks “Why is she singing?”  HA.  Although Daisy’s character is a bit annoying, she’s the funniest, and the best singer of all of the group.

The whole movie is about the band Alotta Flame getting onto stage for Band Slam.  Everything else happens in between.  Including hooking up Daisy’s sister, Colby (played by Gabrielle Christian), with her crush, Misty.  Of course, I know you are all like me… waiting for Mandy Musgrave (i.e. Misty) to show up.. I give you one big wink:


Daisy is a bit against Colby suddenly being gay, but, can you even blame Colby for wanting to get up with Misty?  uhm, no.

“Colby you never even touched your own Vagina, let alone anyone elses’.” HA. Daisy says the best stuff.  “You rented it?  Colby, gawd, you’re a creeper, seriously.”

Scene.  Colby speaks to Misty for the first time that night at the club.  AWKWARD.  and so sad.  Then in walks Sid, or as we know her Nikki from the L Word.  Playing the valley girl again.

Tyler gets Sid and Misty to join the group for a car ride… because they’re stupid and believe what Tyler says.  Talk talk talk, super talk in the car.  Then “raise your hand, if you wanna get laid tonight, … if you just turned gay tonight.”  This song … will get stuck in your head.  I’ve been singing it non-stop since Tuesday.

Next: out breaks Rose Rollins in rap.  WTF?!  This was so effing awesome.  I almost creamed with excitement, that’s how awesome that was…  Dr. Monique is BAD ASS.  Scaring the white chicks into giving her money back, getting out of prison, jumping into that BAD ASS gansta car.

Back to girls in car: Tyler tells a stupid story about Colby and Angelina Jolie..  Sid and Misty are stupid girls  and believe it *rolls eyes*.  Sid is all like “You didn’t hook up with Angelina Jolie because she’s married?”  Good morals.  Good morals.  THIS is what California girls are like?  werd.  Furthermore, these girls seriously followed Tyler’s old band, Jaded Lipstick, ROFL: “My mother is a bitch.  My mother is a bitch.  I’m going to cut her breasts off.”  Misty likes Tyler because of THAT memory.. what does Colby see in this chick?


ooooh yeah, that.

Then there is another song about fantasies, which is also AWESOME. “Don’t shit on my dream, it’s just my fantasy.  Of what could possibly be, but it won’t be.”  This song is between Colby and Misty to show how the girls to connect.  Some place else in the club Daisy sings “when you close your eyes do you still see my face”… awesomely, when she sees Zan, her ex, played by Clementine Ford (who we all know as Molly from The L Word).



encounter 1 with monique: Colby loses her car, the band loses their equipment.  Shoulda dropped Tyler awhile ago… but then Tyler steals Kelly’s car.. so maybe Daisy should still keep her around.  To get monees, the girls decide to sell the drugs in Kelly’s car.  Where do they decide to sell the drugs?  At Colby’s sorority house.

There we find Lauren aka Malaya Drew aka The L Word’s Adele Channing.  Sorority President… always trying to be on top *smh*  Lots of interesting things happen here.  Colby and Misty connect over Space Camp.  Sid gives Misty some wise advice, which results in Misty’s heart being crushed.  Zan tells Daisy she has no talent, DAUM.  Colby comes out to Lauren, and then Lauren shows Colby how to have fake sex…  Colby and Tyler have fake sex…    Sid is stupid again and has sex with the creeper “uncle”.. Monique attacks, and scares the ENTIRE house of girls ROFL.

This ends with the group of girls going to jail, where Daisy’s and Colby’s mom comes to bail them out… and, my gawd.  This woman can’t even talk with all the plastic surgery.  Obviously doesn’t care about the girls..  There’s this whole scene with the group getting out of the car and singing and such.  I love the song (I still can’t get over the fact that Lisa Rieffel’s voice is so good), and the colors and lights.  But.. I feel like this scene is really out of place and the movie could have done without it.  Shoulda been another scene with Rapper Dr. Monique haha


Finally, the group gets to Band Slam.  Not gonna lie, all the bands there are pretty awesome.   I only feel slight loyalty for Alotta Flame. I like all the music.  Person who did the music for this movie = amazing.  There is a showdown back stage between Zan’s ex-girlfriend’s band and Zan’s current girlfriend’s band.  It seems as though Kelly may have gotten into Daisy’s head.  But later we see that Tyler can talk Daisy into rocking it out!  Then they perform my favorite song in the whole movie: “Much happier without you.  And as I walk out, here’s an ass to kiss.  My tomorrow’s all brand new.”  OMG Zan’s face.  Come on… Rieffel’s voice (turns out she’s in a band called Killola.. bout to check them out, son).  So awesome.

Meanwhile… Colby and Misty make-up (from all the previous drama), and end up having that BACKSTAGE SEX RAMPAGE.  woot, getitgirl!

Of course, Dr. Monique gets her moneys from Tyler when the band wins.  The End.

This movie has all the elements I loved about D.E.B.S. and then some.  I recommend it to any Lesbian who is familiar with these actresses, because this will definitely be more of a treat.  The music is so catchy, and creative.

I don’t know what happened with Angela Robinson and Power Up.. but both parties should be proud of the movie they created, because it’s wonderful.  The actresses also deserve a round of applause, which they unfortunately won’t get except from our beds and couches.


It’s been awhile since you’ve read, I bet

I love me some T.I.  Maybe you recognize the lyric I was stealing as my title for the blog.  I don’t listen to much rap/hip-hop.. but when I do, I remember ALL the lyrics.

Okay, so that is actually very unrelated to this post.  I haven’t read in awhile.  I go through spurts of reading… because reading involves silence and getting lost in a world the author creates and I envision in my head..  But silence isn’t something I want when I’m often on my own, so I listen to music or I watch lots of shows or movies.  Hence, this short story collection I started is taking some time to finish XD There are still about 8 more left to read after this set of 3.  Here’s to hoping I finish this collection soon so I can start something new.

The Worst You Ever Feel by Rebecca Makkai is a story about a boy growing up in America, and being surrounded by survivors of the Holocaust.  This particular story moved me..  I don’t have any direct roots to the holocaust. My great grandmother is a Polish Jew and came to America during the war… but she is too many greats ago for me to have known.  I cannot even imagine what it was like for these people: the ones that survived the camps, the ones that survived in hiding, and the ones that did the hiding.  

Aaron’s father came to America just before the war hit home, but Aaron’s father’s music teacher and fellow students stayed behind.  The story is set during the time long after the war, and the violin teacher is visiting Aaron’s home.  Apparently Aaron has premonitions.. but I’m not fooled like others in the novel.  The title comes from a saying that Aaron’s father constantly says to his son: “May this be the worst you ever feel.”  People who experience pain (which is everyone) have a way of putting others down if in their personal opinion the other person’s pain isn’t worse than their own…  That is what Aaron’s father does.  Although Aaron’s father did not experience anything physical, he lost a lot of people he held near and dear to his heart.  He felt those people’s suffering because  he was so close to them.  Aaron’s father believes that Aaron will not experience something so terrible.  I can understand where the father is coming from.. because, like I said, I can’t imagine what those people went through.  But… everyone has their own personal Holocaust.  

I think Aaron wants to understand his father.  Or, be someone his father could hold as precious as he does the people he lost in Romania.  So Aaron’s “premonitions” are Aaron’s attempts to understand what his father might be feeling… and because his father doesn’t think this is possible, he writes the empathy off as a premonition… so Aaron becomes rabbi-like.  This, of course, made Aaron believe he was special, because if his father thinks so it must be true.  The end of the story reveals to Aaron something different.

During the story, we learn more about the violinist’s past as he’s playing music.  Aaron reveals to us what he thinks is the truth based on what he feels during the songs.  Aaron plays a song with Radelescu, the violinist, and his mother.  Aaron gets a glimpse of his father’s face.. he sees in this face not the pain of loss, but the pain of guilt.  His father feels guilty for not being there… his phrase “May this be the worst pain you feel” is about himself… that the understanding Aaron tries to attain to be closer to his father is exactly what everyone in the room is trying to do to be closer to those who endured the Holocaust: “they were common sense, floating for anyone to see, more tangible and opaque than any ghost.”

The next line goes on to say that Aaron doesn’t see things because he’s American.  I feel as though the author is slightly resentful to the fact that we don’t suffer the same as other countries do.  This might be true…  I think I’m inclined to agree.  However, we all have our own Holocaust.  What may seem silly to survivors of the actual Holocaust may be disastrous to the one experiencing it…

The Wizard of West Orange by Steven Millhauser has a completely different composition than other stories in the collection.  The closest one would be The Year of Silence.  This story documents the story day by day.. but it is a journal of a person.  In fact, I was highly annoyed at the bad grammar.  Although the text is mostly notes by the Librarian, and I understand they are notes… I always write my own notes with sentences that contain subject, verb, and proper tense.  To top it all off, this story is longer than the rest.  So I had to go through SO MANY pages while digesting a badly written story (grammatically).  I don’t care if that was the point…

Anyway, the story is about an invention called the Haptograph.



I think it’s the most interesting part of the story.  Who came up with this idea?  The author… if it was him… he should patent it.  It is an invention that amplifies and renews the sense of touch.  I know what you are thinking… sex.  Well, that’s what I was thinking.. but perhaps I wasn’t thinking about the sense of touch the way the scientists in the story are thinking about the sense of touch XD

The Librarian is the note-taker.  He writes things like: “It is possible that every touch remains present in skin.  These buried hapto-memories capablie of being re-awakened through mechanical simulation.” or

” ‘The skin is by far the largest organ of sense.  And yet we know almost nothing about it.’ “

“Blind skin.  Let me see!”

“Haptograph: instrument of revelation.”

“the world is hidden from us — that our bodies, which seem to bring us the riches of the earth, prevent the world from reaching us.”

Basically, the Librarian is a lab-rat for the experiments involving the Haptograph, and becomes addicted to the sensations the machine instills.  The machine goes through familiar senses like holding a ball, but then goes into unfamiliar touches.  The Librarian highly enjoys those feelings… like a lot.  So now he thinks that he’s felt something others never would on a normal day…

To me.. it just seems like the Librarian doesn’t get out much.  Nor is he observant of how his skin feels during other experiences.  However, the Haptograph has to be doing something different, because the other lab-rat is scared out of his wits by the machine.

I don’t know.  The ideas, like the quotes above, are interesting.  So I really like the underlying concept of this story.

The last story is called Nawabdin Electrician by Daniyal Mueenuddin.  There’s this man… he has 12 daughters.  He must find a way to earn their dowry so he can marry them off eventually.  This good man cons his boss into buying him a motorcycle, which he uses for side jobs as well.  “His freedom” allows him to see his family more often, allows him to make more money, and it gives him more respect among other peasants.


SO one night, he gives a hitchhiker a ride.  He obviously never watched horror movies… because this guys pulls a gun on him.  Shoots him in the legs 3 times.  But the bike won’t start for the thief.  Someone heard the shots, came to Nawab’s rescue.  It was that respect as the Electrician and his motorcycle that saved him.

“He thought of the motorcycle, saved, and the glory of saving it.  Six shots, six coins thrown down, six chances, and not one of them had killed him, not Nawabdin Electrician.”

So this guy is now a legend.  A LEGEND.


Let me know if you are reading any of the same things as me.  It’d be cool to have an actual discussion.

Used some more

I know I am late in the game.  The Used and Taking Back Sunday announced a tour together days and days ago.  I fan-girl-d so hard when I found out.  SO HARD.  The Used and Taking Back Sunday both shaped what I look for in a band.  They both shape what I want to be if I was to start a band.  These two… together… in the same room.  To top it off, they’d be bringing Tonight Alive along.  And I do have to say that Jenna McDougall is cute.  A night of music I love and a cute girl on stage is a night that I would love to have.  


But then it happened.  Then I saw the tour dates.  NOT ONE of them is in the state I am currently living.  This is a moment that everyone experiences.. when they are completely let down.  This was one of the saddest moments in my life… well, maybe not THAT sad, but it was a palm-to-my-face moment.  

For the last 5 years, I’ve gone to concerts and come back saying I’ll never go to another one… because I always feel so damn old.  You’ve got these teeny-boppers fighting for a place up front.. and it’s ridiculous.  Because they push people (those of us who get their early enough for a good spot) further and further to the back.  I’m all about some jumping, and participating on the edge of a mosh pit.  So I know that the crowd moves… but to move because some 12 year old wants to see the band… well, that makes me feel old.  WHY AM I LISTENING TO MUSIC A PRE-PUBESCENT GIRL IS LISTENING TO?!?!?!  Anyway…. the point is, although I feel this way, I would drive 4 hours and back to see my favorite bands.  Hell, I did it last year for The Used.  But… these tour dates are not within my state… I would have to drive a minimum of 2 states away.


But I guess it’s okay.  I have two CDs I’m going to buy, and I can jump, head bang, and create my own mosh pit… all inside my bedroom.  Who needs to feel the energy of the crowd?  Who needs to see a pretty face on stage with beautiful notes floating out her mouth to my ears?  Who needs any of that? 

duh, me.  And all other music lovers.  How to make this possible, hmmmm  Maybe I can learn the power of teleportation.  I hope the rest of ya’ll enjoy the concert for me!!

Lost Girl Catch-Up

I haven’t posted about Lost Girl in awhile.  I had trouble finding the show.  However, recently I have gained access to the shows.  I’m not going to recap… it’s too late for that.  But, like my last post on Lost Girl, I will give my reaction.

Episodes 5-8 have given us back the old Bo.  I have highly enjoyed her not being so confused and misty-eyed.  It’s her personality that has made me fall in love with the character.  If she didn’t go back to who she was in Seasons 1-3, I would have to fight someone.  I understand that this season Bo has come back from a land unknown, and that will have changed her.  But her essence should still remain.  It was hard to see her essence has changed too.  

What I have enjoyed is the new Tamsin…  HOTT.  The new relationship between Dyson and Lauren is interesting… I’m enjoying the playful banter and friendly competition, as sickening as it is.  I also really enjoy the fact that Kenzi and Hale are a thing.. they go great together.

Episodes 9-11 has destroyed this for me.  WTF HAS JUST HAPPENED?!  Bo is in love with the Wanderer? THEY KILLED HALE?  Trick is evil in a past life?  Tamsin hooks up with Dyson?  

I’M SO MAD.  How do you spend 3 whole seasons pulling viewers from Dyson to Lauren to Dyson to Lauren to them effing sharing?  Then suddenly Bo agrees that relationships with Dyson or Lauren would never work, and the Wanderer is her destiny?!  Dafuq?  These two people.. who put up with all the back and forth shiz.. Dyson constantly saving Bo (because she is often the damsel in distress).  Lauren teaching Bo to control her powers through science-y stuff.  Come on people.  COME ON.  It makes me think this Wanderer will have a short-lived spot on the show.  But for now, I’m allowed to be angry.  Many fans are probably angry..


These relationships aren’t the only ones.  I mean… Kenzi and Hale.  Built that up for 3.5 seasons… and then KILL HALE!!  YOU EFFING KILL HALE.  THE ONLY BLACK PERSON ON THE SHOW.  YOU KILLED THE ONLY BLACK PERSON ON THE SHOW.  Poor Kenzi.  She can never catch a break.  The Lost Girl world completely shits all over Kenzi.  She’s only loved two guys.  Jimmy Olsen made an appearance a little bit ago, and Kenzi really liked him.  But she pushed him away because Bo comes first.  Bo came first then.  Kenzi finally finds someone in the world of Bo, Hale.  They love each other, and Hale even proposed.  But he is murdered by a piece of bacon saved by the green.  Bo doesn’t save him.. she can’t.. but she doesn’t try, and Kenzi points out that Bo is selfish (which is true) and says she will never forgive Bo.  This was the end of episode 11, so I don’t know what’s happened.  But I’m super angry.  1) because I thought Hale was awesome despite the fact he wasn’t a main character, and 2) because Kenzi deserves happiness.

What a cliff-hanger guys!  If you have any other thoughts not mentioned, or if you want to share your feelings, comment!!