Lost Girl Ep 4

SPOILER:  Contains information on Season 4 episode 4 of Lost Girl.

PLOT TWIST.  I just watched the new episode, so the ending is pretty fresh.  Bo is now a dark Fae.  WTF?  The only explanation is that the Wanderer has done something with Bo’s blood..  Dyson said at the beginning of the episode that Bo has changed… I spent the WHOLE time trying to figure it out.  The only changes in Bo that I could see were her need for instant gratification, i.e. dancing at the bar with half-naked Fae.. also her enjoyment of others’ pain, i.e. that smile when Massimo fell into the “lava”.  There were other characteristics that I thought strange.. like her so easily sexing it up with Dyson.  Last season she only did so for survival as a last resort.  Her love for Lauren came first, now it seems like a whim.  Could this all be because she is dark Fae?  I’m not so sure.  Because the essence that is Bo that we have all come to love… well, it’s still there.  That’s why it was so difficult to point out the differences in the newly aligned Succubus.  But I guess there are more episodes to go.  So far so good!

What do you think of this PLOT TWIST?!


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