Lost Girl Ep 2 and 3

SPOILER:  Contains information of the current season of Lost Girl.

Okay okay.  I know I’m two episodes too late.  I also know that episode 4 airs tonight in Canada.  But… this blog isn’t a recap.  You can read awesome ones all over the internet from writers with different types of perspective.  Also, you don’t need me to tell you Lost Girl is amazing.  In fact.. this blog isn’t even about Bo *shock*… you also don’t need me to tell you AGAIN how beautiful Anna Silk is 😉  This blog is about Mia Kirshner and Ali Liebert *no shock*.  The reason.. it deceivingly seems as though these guest stars may have come to an end.  Of course.. this may not be the case..

How crazy is it that the characters of Mia Kirshner and Ali Liebert are reminiscent of Jenny Schecter and Betty McRae, respectively.  I wonder if the writers specifically asked these ladies to the show.. because it was as if no other actresses could play these parts.

Let’s first talk about Mia.. because despite Jenny’s craziness.. Jenny and Mia were my favorites from The L Word.

Clio.. oh Clio.  She first shows up in the first episode.. but introduces herself as a nymph, water to be exact.  Wikipedia states “nymphs are generally regarded as divine spirits who animate nature, and are usually depicted as beautiful, young nubile maidens who love to dance and sing.”  An animated young woman definitely describes the character of Clio.  Because in episode 2 she appears out of nowhere in front of Hale and immediately begins starting trouble.  If THIS doesn’t remind you of Jenny right off, you need to rewatch The L Word.  


Jenny begins trouble and lies within the first handful of episodes: affair with Marina Ferrer.  Then, when Hale and Dyson show back up, Clio reaches into her bag of Jenny’s-flair-for-the-dramatics and sends evil womens after them.  Clio doesn’t resurface until she TACKLES Eddie.  Who does that?!  I mean… she’s some kind of elemental, right?!  Use your powers.  You aren’t going to the superbowl woman.  And why didn’t she stop him earlier?  Why wait until the very last minute?  Jenny did have a way of letting everything blow up in her face instead of stopping them beforehand…  Alright, yaddy yaddy yada Dyson and Clio get on the train, get off the train, and find Bo.  Bo doesn’t meet Clio until she’s about to dig a knife into Bo’s chest.. no one ever saw Jenny running at them until it was too late.  Anyway, later, Clio’s plan to betray Dyson for Vex blows up in her face (Jenny also betrayed people).  Bo SMACKS Clio.  Something that EVERYONE on The L Word fails to do.. it’s as if the writers put this in the show for us.. as if they knew we needed that satisfaction 🙂  


And this seems to be the end of Clio because Bo gives her the kiss of death.

I know I’ve given you what I thought to be the parallelisms between Clio and Jenny.  Maybe you’ve seen others?  Regardless, having Mia in the show was surreal, and this made it awesome!

Now we’ll discuss the parallelisms between Betty and Crystal.  These are more subtle.  We first meet Crystal at the diner that Lauren is working.  They work together.. immediately I see where this is headed.  I mean, Crystal is hott and Lauren is lonely.  


Now, Crystal doesn’t have the same les-swagger that Betty does.  But she does have her own.  Crystal is trying to “seduce” Lauren, which is not at all what Betty does.  Betty waits and waits and waits…  Crystal consistently gives Lauren attention.  She also offers drinks and an ear to listen, which are both things that Lauren needs at this point.  Giving a girl exactly what she needs. hmmm, Betty-like to me.  In episode 3, she gives bigger signals to Lauren, such as leaning in to grab or place objects.. and handing Lauren her address.  This leads to sexy times.  All in all, Crystal’s les-swagger is different than Betty’s.. a bit more aggressive.  She does share the same dream of owning a house.  AND the look of yearning.  


The really intense stare that Betty gives to Kate waiting for the return of love.. Crystal gives to Lauren.  And I’m sure this is characteristic of Ali, and quite attractive.  Even Lauren couldn’t resist that look.. and she’s “in love” with Bo.  But OH NO.  Crystal leads danger to Lauren.  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!  I’m really not that sad… unlike everyone else on AfterEllen.com, I’m not a Lauren fan.  Or a Tamsin fan.  Anyway, the betrayal is NOT Betty-like.  Those Bomb Girl fans out there will tell you, Betty sacrificed her life for Kate…  Clearly, Crystal is not capable of that quality of person.

I obviously hope there is more Mia and Ali on Lost Girl.  What do you guys think of the guests?    



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