Beginning of Lost Girl

SPOILER:  If you are American and have not seen Lost Girl somewhere on the internets… you shouldn’t read.  I discuss the series.

Let’s just say… my life has not been the same since I discovered the existence of Anna Silk.  Not only is she suuuuper pretty (you won’t hear me say this enough… just like my roommates don’t hear it enough), but she’s also sweet.  And has the best Canadian accent EVAR.  I don’t know what I would do if I ever met this woman in real life… I would probably not be able to look her in the eyes (my reaction to ALL girls attractive).  Her husband is one lucky man.  

Don’t know her?  Look her up… but your life is going to change too.  Or, at the very least, check out her current hit show Lost Girl.. which is also superb (a little bit of Buffy with a side of sex and some other stuff).

The new series (4) began last Sunday in Canada on Showcase.  With promises of appearances by Mia Kirshner and Ali Liebert, I’m stoked to see what is in store.  Low and behold, the show did not fail me.  I WAS SO CONFUSED AT THE BEGINNING OF EPISODE 1.  This is exciting… when I can’t predict what’ll happen next.. it means there is something great about to happen.  We left Season 3 off with Tamzin and Dyson going off a cliff, Lauren pulling off a Houdini, Kenzi following her WWE friend to retrieve Fae-ness, The Morrigan declaring humans enemies of Fae, Bo dealing with Daddy issues, and Trick running off with a larger-than-his-life girlfriend.  If I had said this all out loud… I would have needed to take 1 million breaths (hyperbole).  This season we open up to Kenzi, Hale, and Dyson acting as though nothing has happened… they are case cracking as usual… except there is no Bo.  But then… then the confusion started….  DYSON AND KENZI ARE ALL OVER EACH OTHER.  So confused.  I mean.. they have great chemistry.  But that stems from their deep love for Bo… not for each other.  It was too weird.  I cringed the whole time, yet could not look away.  Then Bo’s mom comes to town.. and explains everything for us viewers (or at least enough for us to put the pieces together ourselves).  Let’s just stop and think about how much Bo gets her looks from her mother… daaaaaauuuuuum.  Moving on…  Bo’s mom has been cursed, and Kenzi and Dyson soon discover they are too by some mad optometrist (which might make an awesome horror movie).  Scene.  Scene. Scene.  Hale, Dyson, and Kenzi go undercover at some club.  There, we meet Mia Kirshner… I know you all hate Jenny Schecter.. but Mia is still looking as good as ever.. and is trying her darnest to seduce Dyson.  Unfortunately for her, Dyson has his eyes on Kenzi.  In his mind they do something similar to tango, in real-life they actually tango (or some kind of dance).  The dance is so great that George Takai invites Kenzi to be eaten.  Of course that fails… silly reptile, didn’t you ever play Mario??  Bowser never wins.  Instead, Kenzi and Dyson get their memories back.. hence their need for Bo.  In fact, everyone gets their memories back: Hale stops trying to kill Vex and Aife begins trying to kill Trick.  WHAT IS GOING ON?!  I mean… Lauren with red hair and short bangs…  WHAT IS GOING ON?!  But before the episode ends, the creators have given me a few seconds of which I can stare into Bo’s beautiful blue eyes.  A great ending I think.

I haven’t seen this past Sunday’s episode yet..  but I heard that it involves Ali Liebert.  I hope her role is bigger than Mia’s!

If you’ve seen the episode, let me know whether your expectations were fulfilled or crushed!


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