Youtubers You Should Know

Recently… I’d say within the last 6 months, I’ve found at least a handful of Youtube vloggers who really excite me.  It’s not ONLY because I think they are all hott (although this is a super bonus).  These vloggers are reaching out to people and touching lives, which is quite different than what I originally thought Youtube videos did.  In fact, I was of the belief that Youtube draws you in… and sucks hours and hours from your life.  I’m not wrong haha  But if you are going to spend all that time editing videos and making people watch your beautiful face for an equal amount of time, at least make it meaningful, right?  It’s inspiring.  The group of vloggers I follow are specifically for the LGBTQAI community.  

The reason I am posting about this today: two of these vloggers (my favorites of the bunch) have created a co-op video.  OBVIOUSLY, I’m stoked about it.  Plus, it’s pretty funny.  Per suggestion of viewers, the topic is “How to Meet Cute Lesbians” (this is on the GirlfriendsTV channel; a dual video called “Why Lesbians Shouldn’t Have Grindr” is on the ElloSteph channel).  The featured vloggers are Arielle Scarcella and Stephanie Frosch.  Most videos by either of these girls… I think are super funny.  Hence why I follow their channels.  

This video starts with the ladies suggesting places where you can find lesbians: On the corner of happy and healthy.  Under a rock.  Place you lose your keys. Tampon Aisle (as Steph stands there with a VERY creepy face.. gets me every time).   Hiding in Lowe’s.  Obviously, they’ve got jokes.  And they are all funny, because truth.  Lesbians ARE SO HARD TO FIND. Arielle says they are kidding, and Steph confirms this as a source, says we aren’t in a mystical land… I don’t believe it!  Steph continues on, playing up the stereotype that we are all connected…  And their REAL suggestions: gay pride, LGBT center, and theeeeen they get to it ParLez (a promo video, I’ve got your number girls).  Other suggestions again play up the stereotypes: softball, volleyball, or any sport.  Anyway… why shy from stereotypes?  They’re funny because they can be true!

Personally… I believe the places they listed first.  1) Because cute and lesbian don’t go together (another stereotype), 2) Girls that I like are ALWAYS straight, and 3) I just don’t see that many lesbians; not the easy-to-spot ones nor the I-think-she-might-be-straight ones.  I don’t believe the Lowe’s reference, though.  Everyone knows that Lesbians frequent the Homo Depot.  Of course the real suggestions were right on the money.  You can’t go to a gay pride and NOT see a cute girl there.  Whether she’s gay or an ally is the question… that you have to ask her.  And for some reason, lesbians have an aversion to making the first move..  I’m guilty.  So, WHY they think ParLez is going to change that… I have NO idea.  It’s not about meeting a cute lesbian.  It’s about meeting a girl and finding out whether she’s “of the liking of women.”

If you like humor, or LGBTQAI related content, or even cute girls 😉  You should definitely check out their channels.  I’m going to suggest more channels later, but for now, these two are pretty and awesome and pretty awesome.



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