2000 pages in 2 months

Honestly, I shouldn’t watch television.  I shouldn’t eat.  I shouldn’t sleep.  I should NOT be reading.  I have less than two months before my dissertation defense.


But… I can’t put this series down.  Maybe you’ve heard of it… maybe you’ve seen it… maybe you’ve read it…  I’m talking about The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss.  That’s right, I’m talking about The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear.

The first quarter of this series is quite sad.  I’m not afraid to admit that I cried… just slightly embarrassed.  The second quarter was a bit addicting.. at least to me.  The third quarter was a change of pace compared to the others… then, I got to a slowing point.  And the last quarter is almost as good as the other parts.


The story is autobiography-ish, so it is primarily character development.  How did this character get to the current person?  What are his defining moments?  What about him has not changed?  etc. etc.  The primary problem with understanding the development of Kvothe… it’s the fact that he is telling the story to a scribe.. so he is relaying what he wants the people in his world to know about him.  We learn what he deems are his defining moments.  We learn what he believes are his bad characteristics.  etc. etc.  Despite the narrow view of his person, we are being given the first glimpse into the “legends” story.  So, as readers, we are supposed to feel honored with this position.


I have been completely enraptured with this story.  Except… well… the story is GREAT.  Then, about maybe 3 fourths of the way through the second book, Rothfuss ruined it.  It was going to be a great story.  Then, he went and made it a typical male-hero-gets-the-girl-sex-goddess story.  COME ON.  WHY do Jim Levensteins end up in bedrooms alone with Nadias?


I just don’t understand.  I was reading this epic series, and then suddenly I’m bored.  Reading about this wild, sex Fae who Kvothe has “tamed” enough to return home.  The entire entry!  She’s naked.  He’s naked.  He was a virgin.  She teaches him the Kama Sutra. They spend one Fae month together. End of story.  SEE HOW EASY THAT WAS?!  I shortened about 10-20 chapters into 6 sentences.  I understand certain things in those chapters are important to our understanding of his character development.  But it really feels as though Kvothe is calling claims on bragging rights.. since HE is telling the story with the intent of informing the world of the truth.. and.. of course, this is the truth he must share…


I’m not quite done with the second book yet.. because I hit some rough terrain (see above).. but, I do recommend the story despite this.

Camp, women, and girls

WARNING: There may or may not be spoilers in this blog.

I’m guilty of spending hours on Youtube when I’m lonely. In those hours, I’m trying to get rid of that feeling. Only one thing does the trick, of course. GIRL ON GIRL SCENES.


No. Not porno. What do I look like? A straight man? Obviously I mean movies like Kyss Mig/Kiss Me or Elena Undone. Clearly I mean shows like Faking it or Orphan Black or The L Word. You know I mean web-series like Starting From Now, Kiss Me I’m Famous, or recent explosion Carmilla. THOSE were the girl on girl scenes you thought of, right?

ANYWAY. Last night I stumbled across a trailer for a short movie called Camp Belvidere. The title basically tells you the location is at a camp. It’s like Dana and her not-named-because-famous counselor at Tennis Camp. Except, the camp isn’t specifically tennis, and it’s a counselor-nurse relationship.

The trailer already gave away that the story’s setting is… some time before these shorts


were out of style so long that they’re now coming back into style… side note: why would you ever bring these shorts back into style?

I, of course, enjoyed the kissing in the trailer.. because I am like a 13 year old boy, as we established with my Pokemon blog… although the age may vary. However, I am wary about stories based on these older-woman-younger-woman relationships. Especially since Loving Annabelle and Bloomington were so BAD. I mean… a lot of people like the movies (which you can watch both on Hulu for free btdubs)… but I just can’t get into them. Why? 1) They’re super slow. 2) As a future professor, I cannot condone teacher-student relations.. no matter how hott a student might be. 3) Not enough sex, obviously.


Back to Camp Belvidere. After reading some of the comments, I thought: “everyone keeps saying this movie is great, despite that it’s like 38 minutes long. It must be the best 38 minutes of their lives.”

I wanted to have the best 38 minutes of my life too.

So I went to Vimeo to rent the movie. I highly recommend you do the same. If you want more movies with Lesbian-centric story lines… well, you should support the directors and writers who make them, duh.


it wasn’t THE best 38 minutes of my life.. but.. let’s just say.. I didn’t want the movie to be over. You’re already pulled into the primary story within minutes of the opening. Let’s also say that the pulling begins with lots of sexual tension.. and a little bit a canoodling.


What also becomes clear is Nurse Gin is in a lot of pain from past experiences, and possibly.. hopefully.. the ethics of relations with someone who you have authority over. But… as is often portrayed in movies with a similar story, Rose is youthful and persistent because she hasn’t quite experienced the number of blows life deals you over time.

The major difference I learned between this movie and others like it is that Gin and Rose both work at the camp.. Gin isn’t exactly in a position of authority over Rose. So, I quickly got on the #Rosin ship (clever, right? I came up with that all by my lonesome).

Not only that.. but.. I hope Astrid Ovalles never sees this.. that woman is one the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.. despite the silly nurse outfit she wore in the movie. I COMPLETELY understand why Rose went nuts.  I’m much more awkward than Rose. I wouldn’t even be able to look that woman in the eyes. If I had a nurse as pretty as Gin… I probably would’ve tried to find a new nurse.



Anyway.  It’s not just that first 6 minutes we need to talk about.. there’s also the use of the camera.  We get up close and personal with facial expressions the whole way through.  If there is ever a best way to express the emotions within a person, it’s to study their face.  That was the best decision by the director.  We even see the know-it-all, pass-judgement-on-you face of Ms. Turner, and the excited-she-spoke-about-me-there’s-hope-yet face of Bobby.  I don’t even need to mention the clear internal torment of Gin, and the sadness of Rose.

That was all the in-between stuff that you hopefully watched.  And.. the ending was perfect too.  Typically, a happily-ever-after ending always leaves me cynical.  For example, in Imagine Me and You, we know that Luce and and Rachel are finally together and probably finally have sexy times later that night.  But, I roll my eyes and remember that beginning a new relationship is not all the bliss movies try to sell.


The other extreme is a lesbian movie trope for some reason: someone dies, or goes back to men, etc.  This doesn’t leave me cynical… it leaves me super depressed… like, wtf just happened?… for example, Piper Perabo’s other movie Lost and Delirious where Tori is trying to date boys again and, as a result, Paulie kills herself.


Camp Belvidere did the most perfect thing ever.. and I’m not talking about Astrid Ovalles being forever engraved in our minds through our eyes… I’m talking about the very last scene where Rose and Gin are laying in bed after sexy times, and Rose basically asks “what now?” and Gin basically answers “I don’t know.”


They have just opened a new chapter, and they don’t know what comes next because it hasn’t been written yet.  It could be that happily-ever-after, although unlikely.. or it could be Hell on Earth.  They could stay together forever, or they could break up after camp is over.  NO ONE KNOWS.  THAT IS THE POINT.  The future is this big, dubious thing-a-ma-bob that you tackle.  Hopefully, #Rosin …. ;) … tackles it together.

QUICK!  Someone make this into a fan video!

Watch Camp Belvidere.  Let me know what you thought about the movie.  Let me know if my blog led you to watch the movie.  Go rent it. NAO.

Pokemon! oooooooh you’re my best friend

When I was a kid, I was really into Pokemon.  I think it’s like a right of passage for children.. at least it was for little boys.. and I was basically a little boy, despite what my amazing body tells everyone.  I watched the show, the movies.  I sang the theme song like it was my last day on Earth.  I played the regular Pokemon games: red, blue, gold.  I played the unique ones: stadium, snap.  My favorite one, however, was The Pokemon Trading Card Game.


How do I remember it was my favorite?  Well… recently, I found my Game Boy Color game, The Pokemon Trading Card Game.  And… well, I’ve been playing it.  Correction.  I beat it.  DON’T JUDGE ME.  I’m surprised by how much fun I had.  maybe it’s the strategy.. maybe it’s the nostalgia.. “whatever it is, she’s got”…

don’t mind me.  I was just singing.

Back to how much I enjoyed the game.  OH YEAH.  I bought actual cards, and I am now a member of the Trading Card Game online.  Do I feel silly playing a game my 9 year old brother plays?  YES.  Do I feel pedophile-ish when I am chatting with children on how to get this damn system to work?  NO.  But I feel silly again.  It’s okay though.  Because



Will I feel silly when I crush all the children in a match?  NO.  I will feel superior, as does any grown ass adult who puts the smack down on some children.. who may or may not have equivalent skill.


The Legend of Korra.. Last Season EVAR

Much like Korra getting her shiiiiii-taki mushrooms together, it’s taking me three years to FINALLY write about this season.  I came a little too late for recaps, considering Friday is THE END.  So.  I summarize.


We begin the new season 3 years into the future (from the season 3 finale).  Everyone is doing their own thing… because… you know… friends drift apart no matter how “close” your group had been.  Korra is missing, Asami has invented her buttox off for her dad’s company, Bolin is working for who turns out to be a female Hitler, and Makko… poor Makko… is stuck with the most annoying character this season.  Of course, these are the only characters we care about, right?!  Guess not.  The Airbenders have been bad-asses.  I’d have to say… they made airbending cool when no one thought airbending could be cool..

Anyways.  The group gets back together finally.  They bond over Kuvira’s evil-nature (after Korra’s romp through the jungle with the ONE THE ONLY.. waitforit.. Toph.. BEST PART OF THIS SEASON).  Korra eventually removes the poison in her system with the help of both Toph and Zaheer.  They are all ready to face Kuvira… a woman who keeps managing to fight off the most “powerful” benders in all of Avatar nation.  And this is where the season finale will begin.


There is a bunch of in between stuff.  I won’t spoil it though.  New stories are the fun of watching new seasons.

This season, though fast-paced as usual for LoK, it does not feel as though Korra will be teetering on the edge.  I hope I’m not speaking too soon.  I’ve really enjoyed this season.. well written, funny, decent-paced character development, and reminds me of The Last Airbender in a lot of ways.

I hope the Avatar series is not over, even if LoK might be.  The story is great, and it stinks that Nickelodeon put the show online.  That really screwed the ratings.  Regardless, great run.  I can’t wait until Friday :)




Obviously I wasn’t going to keep up with every show I listed in my previous post.. but I try ;)  I’ve spent some time trying to determine which shows I would like to recap.. even though it is probably a few weeks into a season.  That’s OKAY.  I have been disappointed by most of the shows this season (the ones I have been able to watch).  But there are two that haven’t fallen short of my expectations YET.. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Legend of Korra.  Because LoK is only 20 minutes, and therefore easy to recap, I will be recapping both of these shows.. obviously beginning with episode 1.  Soooooo soon enough you’ll be hearing from me.

Fall is Here.. And that means MOAR TV

Tuesday was the first day of Fall.  WOOT.  It’s my favorite season for so many reasons.  Colored leaves.  Cooler weather.  And SO MANY SHOWS TO WATCH.  The summer was so painful because I had to find other things to occupy my friday nights.  Now… I have new and returning shows.

Here are the ones I’m most excited about.


About A Boy

This show is hilarious.  I enjoyed watching the development of the relationship between the kid neighbor and the guy Will, who moves in next door.  It reminds me of how Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter would get into trouble when dealing with Mister Feeny.



Chicago PD

It’s a cop show about dirty cops.  I enjoy regular cop shows.. the dirty part makes it more interesting.  I think the acting is great, and the stories are even better.  I also think it’s cool how the show actually crosses over into Chicago Fire and vice versa.  As if this reality is real… that’s awesome.


Red Band Society

I wasn’t going to watch this… because someone threw the word “Glee” around.  But then I gave in, and watched the first episode.  I was instantly in love.  This show is amazing.  It portrays the suffering these kids feel in so many ways.. and how they get through it all by their friendships with each other and the staff in the hospital.  I am going to keep watching because it’s well written.. and these kids are surprisingly good actors.


It’s like the Tudors and Game of Thrones.. except the character concentration is on the teens (of course.. this is CWTV).  But that doesn’t discount the quality of the back stabbing, suspicion, survival acts, etc.  I would say it’s worth a watch.


Fantasy/Sci-fi/Comic book:

The Flash

uhm… Superheroes are big right now.  Especially on the CW/WB.  They had the hit Smallville.  Then they had Arrow.  Although they’ve had some failures (Birds of Prey, Aquaman), I think the CW will hold onto the great writers and directors from Arrow in order to continue the success.  I’m excited because The Flash is a superhero we haven’t seen on the screen before (unless you count Smallville’s Impluse).. at least not my generation.  And… because it means the CW are on their way to creating a Justice League.  Hopefully better than Smallville did… and hopefully not too quickly.



uhm… if you’ve seen Seasons 1 and 2… you’ll know why this is up here.  I hope again.. that they aren’t overdoing this whole Justice League thing… because based on the press there are way too many superheroes being introduced this season…

Lost Girl

It’s the last season… and the writers really messed up last season in my opinion.  I am hoping LG goes out with a bang.

The Walking Dead



series about dead people who return to life.  The series follows the residents of Arcadia, Missouri, whose lives are upended when their loved ones return from the dead, un-aged since their deaths.

Unfortunately, the problem with new shows is that they come out once a week… which leaves so many free hours (if you have them) with nothing to watch.  I have watched an episode or two of the following shows.. and recommend them if you’ve never seen them before.  Anything else… well, if I’m not watching it, the show is probably not very good ;)


Drama: Chicago Fire, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, Revenge

Comedy-ish: Faking itMike and Molly, New Girl, Whose Line is it Anyway?

Fantasy/Sci-fi/Comic book: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Of course… there are also the shows that I’ve tried and I am unsure what to think… like


The quality of the cinematography is alarming to me.  I get the vibe that it is supposed to be an urban atmosphere like Sin City.  The city clearly has some CGI going on.  This can go one of two ways… the directors can pretend that the CGI is part of the city, or they can own it like Sin City did.  Hopefully for them it’s the latter.  The acting was okay at first, but you are drawn into Jim Gordon’s cause.. to help Bruce find some closure and dealing with bad cops.  It’s also really cool.. the idea of Batman without Batman (although… any show based in the DC universe like Arrow or Flash is Batman without Batman).  We’ve already met several of Batman’s enemies (Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, Penguin, Riddler, Joker, and Two Face).  I’m excited to see how successful this show will be, especially since the show has a much darker feel than we’ve seen with other DC superhero shows on the CW.  It could be because it’s the CW, or it could be because Batman often has a darker feel.


The Mysteries of Laura

I watched the first two episodes so far.  Mostly because I’m a fan of Debra Messing.  I loved Will and Grace; and I thought Smash was wonderful.  The pilot episodes wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either.  A lot of people have complained about the script.  I don’t see anything wrong with the script, or the acting.  It’s a comedy about a detective who is also in the middle of a divorce with a husband she sees ALL the time.. and they have two kids who are primarily her responsibility.  There’s a lot going on.  I think the idea is great.   I think the humor is mediocre.  I think the actors are some of the best.  I think the writers and the director are probably new at this.. because the second episode is written significantly better than the first.  I am going to give the show at least a 5 episode run before I give up… you should too.


and Selfie

This show makes me angry.  Maybe the obnoxious-ness of people obsessed with smart phones and twitter is the point.. but they use that damn Youtube song as their theme song… and the main character LITERALLY talks like those girls.  I get that this is supposed to be funny.  I even found myself laughing sometimes.  But people like this in real-life beg to get punched in the face.  How can I not feel the same way about the show?  I feel as though this is a reverse Miss Congeniality..  In the movie, Sandra Bullock  plays a woman who is a kind woman that everyone loves.  But she wasn’t what people would call beautiful (although I think Sandra Bullock was very pretty before they did her up in the movie).  In Selfie, the girl is “pretty” on the outside, but “ugly” on the inside.  I don’t think she’s ugly on the inside, I just think she’s stupid… But John Cho is the Michael Caine of this show.  Let’s hope they don’t cheapen the humor by making them fall in love.


Fall 2014 TV line up

There are Angel voices among us

I know you are a dedicated reader *peers at you knowingly*.  Then you’ve picked up on the fact that I’m a gay lady.  As such, I appreciate women.  Especially women who can sing.  So this post is a recognition of women or female-fronted bands in the genres of music I adore, i.e. rock (punk, pop, indie, acoustic, alternative, etc.)  Here I list bands in no specific order that I think deserve attention they may not get because people are clouded by the beauty of Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande.

1) Fit for Rivals

I think I’ve written a blog about this band before.  So of course I’m a fan enough to include Fit For Rivals in this post.  There’s an exclusive interview on AfterEllen.  Fit for Rivals formed in 2008 with Renee Phoenix as the lead vocalist.  Turns out she’s an awesome gay lady herself :)

2) We are the In Crowd

I don’t remember how I found WATIC.. Probably like all these bands.  I searched through Spotify looking for women to be up in my ear canal ;)  I really enjoy this band because they did the whole dueling vocals thing for awhile, and I am a huge fan of that particular style.  We are the In Crowd formed in 2009 in Poughkeepsie NY with Taylor Jardine as the front woman.  And while she’s not gay herself, she’s super cool!

3) Tonight Alive

And WATIC leads me to Tonight Alive… because pop punk bands are like family.  If you know of one, it won’t be too much longer until you find another.  It took me a hot minute to get into Tonight Alive.  After a few tries, I found that I really enjoyed the instrumentals and Jenna McDougall’s voice.  This band is from Australia and formed in 2008.

4) Sick of Sarah

There isn’t much to say about SoS except that they are awesome.  I do follow them on FB and they seem like a ton of fun.  This is an all-female band formed in 2005 with leading lady Abisha Uhl.

5)  Vanity Theft

I found VT because they were on tour with SoS one year… The Lady Killer Tour… THAT sounds like an amazing tour.  I listened to VT once… and I can’t seem to stop.  VT is another all-female band formed in 2005 with leading lady Alicia Grodecki.

6) Crystalyne

Wikipedia states: “Crystalyne is a Canadian rock band from the city of Toronto, Canada and formed in 2011.”  Leading lady Marisa Dattoli.  I am really only into two songs.. the one below, and “6 am in the Morning” … but there is something about both songs that is infectious.

7) Echosmith

I say “meh.”  But my brother thinks Echosmith is great… and he appreciates music that should be appreciated when I don’t.  Echosmith formed in 2009 with leading lady Sydney Grace Ann Sierota.

8) Eyes Set to Kill

ESK is a post-hardcore band.  They are quite unique to have two women (Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez) as primary members.  They formed in 2003 but didn’t release an EP until 2006.  The band has undergone many member changes, but they sound amazing.  Any band that can go through that and still sound wonderful.. well, that says A LOT.

9) Killola

I think you need to watch Girl Trash All Night Long before you listen to Killola.  Then listen to Killola.  They wrote the music for the movie, and the leading lady Lisa Rieffel plays a character as well.  The band formed in 2003.  The video below isn’t one of the songs I really like… but I couldn’t find a video with good enough audio.

10) Marmozets

Apparently there’s a genre called mathcore… and that’s what Wiki classifies the Marmozets.  They formed in 2011 with leading lady Becca Macintyre.  I personally really enjoy the part where she screams… and I mean that in a non-dirty manner.

11) Care Bears on Fire

Because this:

A lot of people seem to be hatin’ on the song in the comments section of this video… but I just think it’s funny and thought I’d include the genius band that wrote it.  CBF is an all female-band formed in 2005.

12) The Cliks

Okay… so technically this is not a female-fronted band.  Listening to the band at first, I thought the lead vocalist was female.  That’s why The Cliks made this list.  However, after looking at the bio, I’ve learned that the lead singer is a trans man (female at birth, male gender identity)… that makes him MORE AWESOME.  I debated whether to then take The Cliks off this list out of respect for his gender identity.

Then why does this band remain on the list?  Because this list is about recognition of a minority.  Women are rarely visible in the genres of music I listen to.  LGBTQ persons are even more rare.  So I decided that the Cliks remain because they deserve the recognition in a cisgender male dominated world.

The Cliks formed in 2004 with leading trans man Lucas Silveira.

13) He is We / Rachel Taylor

Unfortunately, He is We is no longer a band.  It’s too bad because their album My Forever is amazing.  Rachel Taylor is still creating music on her own, and I look forward to hearing what her next full length album sounds like.

14) To be Juliet’s Secret

I have blogged about TBJS previously.  I already told you how awesome they are.. nothing new has come out since that blog.  Buuuut, they are up here, so in the spirit of posting music.. I’ve posted music.

15) Perfect Pussy

Formed in 2012 with leading lady Meredith Graves.  The music is… interesting.  I don’t know why I like it so much because I can’t understand a word Mere says.  But if you like noise-grunge rock (which seems redundant to me) you should check them out.

16) Sharkmuffin

O.o  O.o  O.o

I am SO SHOCKED.  I just found something Wiki does not maintain a page.  Alas, I had to do ACTUAL research for this band.  Formed in 2012. And it’s an all-female band.  I couldn’t find anything else.  But go ahead.   Listen.  They remind me of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

17) Icon For Hire

I actually learned about these guys today.  My brother suggested them for this list.  And Wikipedia does have a page.. formed in 2007 with leading lady Ariel Bloomer.

Some of the older crowd may appreciate:

18) Melissa Etheridge

Formed in 1961… KIDDING.  No, really, that’s when Melissa was born.  She’s published music since 1988.  It wouldn’t be right for me to have this list and not include one of the first ladies in rock that I ever heard.  I remember listening to “I’m the Only One” on my mom’s walk-man XD

19) Fleetwood Mac

Another wonderfully classic lady in rock is Stevie Nicks.  The first time I ever heard of her was in college during Music club.  We were doing a cover of Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.  I also enjoy Landslide.

20) The Cranberries

Formed in 1990 with leading lady Dolores O’Riordan.  As if Irish accents weren’t attractive enough… now there’s a band with a singing irish woman.  I’m done.

But seriously, my brother was playing “Zombies” non-stop for WEEKS.  So, I fell in love.

So other than sharing a list of female-fronted bands I listen to… what’s the point of this post?  Visibility mostly.  If I had known there were more than 2 or 3 successful women in a genre of music I wanted to go into… well, I may never have given up on that dream.  I think others need to know that there are AT LEAST 19 successful women and one trans man.  And among the women listed above, there are at least 3 who are not straight.  Punk rock, indie rock, alternative rock, whatever rock… it all has come a long way.  Anything seems possible nowadays, and all 20 of these bands have shown that is true.